More than four hundred years ago from the UK inThe United States were brought hunting dogs. A direct relative of them was an English foxhound. It is believed that brought the dogs in 1650 Robert Brooke. These animals lived in Brook Manor for more than three centuries.

american foxhound

Origin of the breed American Foxhoundoccurred in 1857 by crossing the English foxhound with his brother from France and the Beagle Beagle who lived in Ireland. The result of such a complex selection work was the emergence of a new hunting breed - an American foxhound.

This dog is used when hunting opossum orraccoon. In rare cases, it can take part in the hunt for a bear or a puma. Such a dog can hunt in any terrain, easily adapts to difficult living conditions, easily tolerates climate change. Currently, this breed is used in four completely different directions, requiring different qualities from dogs. They successfully participate in field trials, where they need to show a speed of reaction and speed, competing with other breeds. In addition, they take part in a friendly foxhunt, where they do not require too much running speed and loud, barking barking. And, finally, foxhounds are used in a pack of 15-20 dogs. This is a large animal. Its growth is on the average 54-56 centimeters, and weight - about 35 kilograms. The American foxhound is unpretentious, does not need any special care. With food, too, there will be no problems. For him it is not necessary to buy special dog delicacies. The only thing that is required for this dog is a large territory, so that it can run in plenty. Excellent gets along with people, likes to play with children. Can watch them for hours, so Americans consider these animals to be excellent nannies. The American Foxhound, whose photos you see in this article, is completely devoid of aggression. He does not show it to people. However, as soon as he sees other people's dogs, the instinct of protecting his territory awakens in him.

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American Foxhound is not very exposeddiseases. In this regard, he can be an excellent hunter and favorite pet. The owner of this dog must remember that it is strictly forbidden to overfeed - the animal can very quickly gain weight, and this will have a detrimental effect on his abilities as a hunter.

Today, we can say with confidence that theseanimals have long been considered not exclusively hunting. Much more often it's just domestic dog breed American foxhound. It is an affectionate and devoted friend for all family members who needs care and attention.

If you live in an apartment or house withoutspacious yard, then you should spend long daily walks with the dog, because the American foxhound really needs movement and physical exertion.

domestic dog breed

Because of a very capricious, with some sharestubbornness, the nature of the foxhound, the training process should be entrusted to an experienced specialist who is well acquainted with this breed. Only in this case you will receive an obedient and loyal friend.