People search for ancient objects for a long time,but devote their lives to excavations - units. To draw attention to the importance of the profession, an official Archaeologist Day was established, the date of which falls on August 15. This holiday was established without binding to discoveries or events.

day of the archaeologist
From the history

Ancient finds have always interested people: already in the Ipatiev Chronicle, the fact of the presence of glass beads in Ladoga, on the bank of the Volkhov, was recorded. Official excavations were carried out in the 15th century in Pskov where they wanted to find the foundation of the Vlasia church, which was the oldest in the city.

In the XVII century they discovered and documentedfix burial mounds, ancient settlements, as well as places where the remains of ancient animals were found. On the Day of the archaeologist-2013, you can visit such places and become imbued with history.

Day of archaeologist 2013
In 1839, the Society for the History andantiquities in Odessa, in 1946 - the Russian Archaeological Society in St. Petersburg. At the beginning of the twentieth century the Museum of Fine Arts was opened, which included the archaeological finds of the ancient era.

Archeology was recognized as a scientific discipline in1922 year. At the same time, large excavations begin in Moscow and Veliky Novgorod. These cities like to visit tourists on the Day of the Archaeologist. Researchers of the Moscow bowels confirmed that it was Prince Yuri Dolgoruky who founded the capital. And in Veliky Novgorod we found the first birch bark letter, which contained information about the way of life and traditions of our ancestors.

Now in many places in Russiaarchaeological excavations. Researchers are trying to judge the life of ancient people from found objects, as many official records of those years were deliberately destroyed during wars and the change of leaders of the state.

How did the Day of the Archaeologist

The appearance of the holiday is associated with severallegends. One of them says that researchers of the depths wanted to rest and invited the head of the expedition to celebrate the birthday of the horse of the great commander Alexander the Great - Bucephalus, who just happened on August 15. The head agreed, and the holiday began. Since that time, the tradition began to celebrate this date every year, but already as the Day of the Archaeologist.

day of the archaeologist in Ukraine
The second version suggests that the celebration is connectedwith the birthday of the archeologist-Tripolyaved TS. Passek. The expedition under her leadership became the "forge of cadres", so the participants chose a symbolic date. And then the tradition spread across all the cities of the country.

The holiday is also celebrated in Belarus, in 2008 Day of the archaeologist in Ukraine was approved. On a solemn date there are meetings, conferences, seminars on the exchange of experience, dedications to archaeologists. Some people on this day like to visit museums with ancient artifacts and learn new historical facts.

We still do not know much from the past, butsome of the finds give riddles to humanity or even contradict the universally recognized facts. Maybe our ancestors were smarter than us? Some day specialists will find the answer to this question. In this they will help archeology.