Parrots are one of the most popular bird species,contained at home. They are kind, unpretentious, bright, energetic, easily adaptable. But they are particularly keen interest in that they imitate human speech well.

Cockatoo, Amazon, Jaco, no doubt, are excellent mockingbirds. However, most often from houses and apartments a chirping of wavy parrots is heard.

The prevalence of this species of parrots is causedtheir rather small size and "fun" color: green, yellow, blue, white and just mottled, they please the eye. Interesting stripes on the back and head of these parrots are intertwined in a pattern resembling waves, for which they were nicknamed wavy.

And also sociable in nature, wavy parrots talk with each other and with the owners with great pleasure.

Between them parrots talk with helpvarious sounds: chirp, meow, quack, squeak, sharply scream. Sometimes they sing, and sometimes they do not speak. It happens that the parrot vigorously but silently, clapping bright wings on its sides.

To understand what wavy parrots talk about, or what they are trying to convey to the owners, you just need to look at their behavior and listen to intonations.

A gentle chirping and quacking is an expression of contentment with yourself and the world around you. With the help of a sharp and abrupt quacking, the parrots grumble at the object that they do not like or the situation that has arisen.

He cautiously but with a quacking quack warns that he does not want to harm the owner, but his actions are very unhappy.

If from the cage the voices of wavy parrots are heard full of anxiety, and their cries resemble terrible cries - they are frightened by something.

When the sitting parrot sharply beats itself with wings - it is not necessary to approach it. So he makes it clear that he is very irritated, and does not want to talk.

Mewing parrots express their approval of the piece they liked and hint that the owner would be nice to remember about the delicacy they liked.

In some cases, wavy parrots talk "gestures".

Tapping on the cage or nearbyobjects of the parrot shows a playful mood. And tapping his beak on the beak of the female, the parrot seduces her. In response, the female can gently pee, twitter, whistle, expressing pleasure from courtship.

However, if the parrots scribble piteously, then they are experiencing severe discomfort. Perhaps, they are frightened by a permutation in the room, the presence of an unauthorized person or a sudden turn-off of light.

The reigned silence in the room, where wavy parrots live, should alert the owner. In the daytime, these parrots sleep extremely rarely, so you should check the condition of pets.

After all, wavy parrots are too talkative, andSilence is not typical for their behavior. Usually it means the same as the silence of a small child with an outsider or in an extreme situation - a strong fright.

To imitate human speech, a wavy parrot begins with boredom when it does not have a pair, and the only "interlocutor" is the host.

Then the wavy parrots talk, using memorable words and phrases.

In this case, the owners need to be verycareful in using obscene language: the parrot, without realizing the meaning, easily remembers and cites the profanity you like. And we can not disaccustom him to say "ugly" words. A wavy parrot will take this as a continuation of the game, and will continue to expand its vocabulary.

But the constant exercises in memorizing and repeating certain phrases and sentences will bring undoubted joy to the owner and his beloved parrot.