When cleaning begins, and someoften wash glass cabinets in the kitchen, for example, the modern gadget - Karcher WV 75 Plus - will become an indispensable assistant. The windscreen wiper will quickly cope with all the dirt and keep the hostess of the power and time.

karcher wv 75 plus windshield wiper

Print the box

Bringing a purchase and opening the box, the buyer will find in it:

  • The body of the cleaner, made of durable lightplastic. Its dimensions are not large. Height - 35.5 cm, and width - 28 cm, it weighs only 700 grams. On the case is a comfortable handle, for which you hold, while the windows are dried.
    karcher for washing windows
  • The suction nozzle is wide (28 cm), it has rubber gaskets. They, adjoining to a smooth surface which needs to be cleaned, collect all a dirt and a moisture.
  • A similar narrow nozzle (17 cm). It will be required to clean the window, for example.
  • Charger (it is very important not to lose it,and then you will have to pay extra for the new one). It is inserted into the special connector on the back of the case and then plugged into an outlet to charge the battery. Cord length 12 cm.
  • Pulverizer, also plastic and light.
    manual windshield wiper
  • Microfibre cloth with abrasive and softfibers. Thanks to it, the dirt is quickly removed from the smooth surface. Abrasive fibers remove even the most persistent impurities, and soft collects a large amount of dirt. The entire surface is quickly and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Concentrate of cleaning agent for window cleaning.
  • Instructions for use.

Why do I need a cleaner?

Someone will say: why all these difficulties, if there is always a newspaper at hand, and will be right at the same time only the owner of a small one-room apartment, where there are only two windows and a pair of mirrors. And the owner of a three-room apartment, which suffered with six windows, glass doors and mirrors - that's who will be happy when he acquires the Karcher WV 75 Plus. The windshield wiper will conquer all the dirt with which there is no strength to cope. And how will the one who lives on the tenth floor react to the new device? It is a reliable and safe to use unit, Karcher WV 75 Plus. The windshield wiper will deprive you of fear of altitude. Does the owner of a car who loves his swallow want it to look like a toy? And he will become an indispensable assistant Karcher WV 75 Plus. The screen wiper will instantly bring all the windows in order.

How it all works

  • First of all, we charge the battery with a charger (two hours). This charge is enough for about twenty windows washing.
  • In the nebulizer pour liquid for washing andWe dilute it with water, since it is a concentrate. Then we put on a napkin from microfiber on the spray nozzle. Spray the right window, or a mirror, or a glass door and wipe the glass effortlessly. It was moistened.

Basic Operation

Now take our window vacuum cleaner. Turn it on. The power button is located very conveniently under the handle directly under the fingers. We put the bell to the window and again, without exerting effort, we pass along the glass. And so do this several times until the entire surface becomes dry.

window vacuum cleaner
The liquid at this time is collected in a specialstorage tank. There are divisions on it and you can always see when the maximum amount of water is collected and it's time to pour it. So we move from the window to the window. There are no cords, and they do not limit our movements, since the device works on the battery. The manual windshield wiper is made of light and durable plastic, and the hand will not tire of keeping it, even if you have to do a spring cleaning. For each window will take a few minutes, but everything will shine with cleanliness. If you use Karcher for washing windows, there will be no divorce. Get a perfectly clean window or the door of the kitchen cabinet, which also likes to collect fat and dust. The cleaning occurred three times faster than usual.

Cleaning is finished

After the end of cleaning from the body are removednozzles and washed underwater. Also, a tank for collecting liquid is cleaned. In addition, you need to wipe and dry the microfiber cloth. That, in fact, and all care for the device Karcher for washing windows.

And if there are large windows?

What if you have a winter garden withhigh windows? Or just a closed balcony, where the windows are also higher than usual? To rise on a shaky stool? This is not the best way out. But you can also purchase an extension kit for cleaners.

windshield wiper karcher wv 75 plus reviews
It includes a telescopic extensiona tube on which a canister is placed with a cleaner, and a second extension tube with a microfiber nozzle. In this case there will be no problems with height, because their length is one meter and 20 cm. Now all the high surfaces will be perfectly washed.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cleaner

The main thing in it is the convenience of using and cleaning. Everything happens quickly, it's not hours, but minutes, that leave strength for something else. The disadvantage is its price, which now rests on the mark of about four thousand rubles.

Screen wiper Karcher WV 75 Plus: reviews

Male feedback sounds unexpected: cleaning now does not cause trouble and when using "Kercher" - this is one entertainment. In addition to the windows, in the summer at the cottage the owner washes the tiles and the formwork around the house. That's how unexpectedly men approach the cleaner. Women's responses are almost all enthusiastic: after all for thirty minutes the glass door, windows, mirrors in the corridor and bathroom are washed, and there are no divorces, no drops. Thus the mistress uses water and a usual screen wiper. Cleaners who wash all the glass every (!) Day, especially mirror and glass cabinets, "Kercher" is also very like. For 25-30 minutes, the entire three-room apartment glitters and sparkles, and charging while enough for all cleaning. Any Cinderella now with "Kercher" will be a sorceress and will quickly cope with all the pollution. The reviews came from all over the country, and everyone who uses the cleaner recommends it to friends.