A pet is the most loyal friend anda good companion for the child. Often children ask their parents to have a dog or a kitten, but many parents refuse them such pleasure, referring to dirt, unpleasant odor and pathogenic microbes. But all this can be avoided with special daily care. A pet is able not only to be a favorite of your child, but also to instill in him some good habits, for example - love of animals, responsibility and keeping clean. Pets for children can become a real friend who will always be there and will be happy with their presence. Theme - whether to start a pet or not - this is the most urgent topic at the moment. Many parents are inclined to affirmative answer, but many categorically against, well, consider all the strengths and weaknesses of this issue.

The following criteria apply to the advantages of the pet's establishment:

- Animals for children bring the child a lot of fun and joy, he can get from his pet a lot of games, caresses and warmth, next to the animal the kid will not feel lonely;

- Pets for children will be vaccinatedresponsibility to the child, if the parents teach the child to take care of the pet, walk it, feed it and wash it. If a child grows his pet as expected, then he will later be more physically strong, healthy, independent and responsible.

The weaknesses of the pet's establishment may include other areas:

- pets for children can becomethe cause of some diseases, but it depends on which animal will live next to, and what care was taken for it. If the animal is washed daily, given medicines against fleas, ticks and other parasites, then such problems can be avoided;

- the pet should be constantly paced, so it is necessary to have a convenient time;

- pets for children can bring dirt to the house, but this can also be avoided by washing their pet daily, accustoming them to a pot and cleaning the house more often.

Thus, if you properly take care of your pet, you can easily acquire pets. Now one more question - which animals for children are the best? There are several varieties:

- fish, this is an excellent option for the beginning of manifestation of care and responsibility. Here it is necessary to teach the child how to properly wash the aquarium, clean it and buy special food;

- hamsters, who do not require special care. With such a pet you can safely play, watch his habits and the way he eats. This, by the way, is the most favorite thing for a kid to watch as a hamster puts everything behind his cheeks;

- guinea pig or rabbit, these animals eat everything they will be given, the child can play with them both on the street and at home. Here you should always clean the cage in which the pet will live;

- a cat, probably the most common concept. A cat is the most beloved pet for most people, who immediately wants to caress and pat. This option is suitable for children of different activities, it is necessary to explain to the baby that it is impossible to offend the animal, because a cat can be vindictive;

- A dog, this is a loyal friend for the whole family. A small puppy will teach a child to be disciplined and responsible, because he will have to take care of and walk around constantly;

- parrots and other birds that are more suitablefor an older child. This animal needs more serious care, for it it is necessary to constantly create a certain temperature regime, to feed it at the appointed time with special food.

Thus, pets for a child are necessary, but for each age a certain variant of the pet is needed. What kind of animal to have a baby is the choice not only of the parents, but of the children themselves.