how to care for parrots

Probably, anyone in childhood wanted to have such afriend, like a parrot. It's not only friendly, but also incredibly funny and bright birds. But when buying a lot of people care about the question of how to care for parrots. It's simple enough, if you know exactly what you're doing.

Among the variety of species of these birds, bred in captivity, the most popular species is Corella. They are widely known for their bright and large crest.

In nature, parrots grow to thirtycentimeters in length and can weigh up to 150 grams. They mostly eat seeds and berries of various plants, as well as small insects, oats, millet and wheat.

How to care for parrots?

To keep this species of birds very importantprovide comfortable living conditions for them. The duration of daylight is of great importance here. It must be a minimum of ten hours. This suggests that in the winter it is necessary to install several ultraviolet lamps next to the cage. They can make up for the lack of heat and light not only for parrots, but for some domestic plants.

how to care for a parrot
The second very important parameter in the answer to the questionis how to take care of parrots, is the temperature. All domestic birds are incredibly vulnerable to drafts. Sharp changes in temperature can also be fatal for them, although less dangerous. That's why a place for a cage with pets should be carefully selected. It should be far enough from the heating system and windows.

The third parameter is humidity. It must be at least 55%. To determine that parrots suffer from overdried air, it's very simple: they start plucking their feathers. If it is not possible to put an air humidifier, then the birds can be sprinkled periodically with warm water from a conventional spray gun.

Anyone who is interested in how to take care ofparrots of Corella, should know that they need regular bathing. For this, they are either transferred to a bathtub or provided with a special bathing suit. The water temperature for such a procedure should be in the range of 35 to 40 degrees.

The cell sizes for birds are determined depending on their size. There must be enough space in it to allow them to fully open their wings. The minimum cell sizes for parrots are:

how to care for parrot parrots

  • 45 cm width;
  • 60 cm depth;
  • 60-100 cm in height.

Everyone who knows how to care forparrot, in the course of the fact that inside the cage should be placed several feeders for different types of feed, a drinker and a couple of perches. They are necessary for the bird to be able to sharpen the beak and claws, as well as to train the wings.

When choosing a pet should be the firstpay attention to those who were withdrawn from our country, and not those who have just been brought. To define this is very simple: a wild animal will behave uneasily when a person approaches.

Anyone who wants to understand howcare for parrots, should remember that they need to buy only at specialized points of sale. This is due to special conditions of care and breeding, which are certainly known to specialists, but may not be available to ordinary people. In addition, parrots need to be bought only in warm weather. This excludes the possibility of a bird having a cold.

Remember: a parrot is a unique living being that, with proper care and maintenance, will rejoice you with its presence for decades.