Such decorative miracle, as a mini toy-terrier,conquered the hearts of many animal lovers. This breed is the most common and popular all over the world. From the ordinary terrier, this charm is different in size, and also high price. Still there is a Russian toy-terrier - a mini-dog with its own standards and features. According to the type of wool, such dogs are divided into smooth-haired and long-haired. All the representatives of this breed have their own individuality, in spite of the fact that they are all alike, you will not find among the two identical ones.

mini toy terrier
It's nice when the dog can fit onThis is why they are also called "toy dogs" or "pocket dogs". After all, in reality mini toy-terrier is like a small toy, so they are so fond of girls. This little animal does not have to be worn on a leash, it's easier to carry it on your hands, since its weight does not exceed 1.5 kg. And it's not just about weight, it's just so much safer, they're such crumbs. Many ladies love to dress up their pets, putting on them bows, caps and skirts. From the outside it looks simply charming.

Russian Toy Terrier Mini
If you live in an apartment with very little space, this will not prevent you from getting a little friend, because the mini toy house does not need large rooms.

Furniture in the house will not suffer from such a pet, and there will not be much wool. It is very convenient if you have an allergy to it.

Going on a trip, you can take it with you, in advance buying a special carry-over for dogs.

They get on well with young children and otherspets. Yes, and in terms of content, they are cheaper, they eat little when compared with a large dog. In general, there are many advantages from the content of such a dwarf.

mini toy terrier care
Now it's worth talking about the minuses of this miracle. They are very fragile. In no case should we forget about this. With such a baby you need to be very careful, because he is so small and defenseless. You must protect it, because this breed has very thin and brittle bones. Even if you buy for him the most expensive food and vitamins, you will have no guarantee that nothing will happen to your pet. And since it is tiny, it is very difficult to identify the disease, it can not be done in all veterinary clinics. They are hard to tolerate vaccinations, which will necessarily have to be done. Here is such a mini toy-terrier! Care for him must be very careful.

photo mini that terrier
In our time, naive animal lovers are veryoften deceive, trying to sell sick or unvaccinated dogs. Buying a pet on the ad, you risk buying a cross between two breeds at the price of a thoroughbred dog. When you realize that you have been deceived, it will be too late. It is almost impossible to return the animal and its money. That's why you need to buy such a small breed from official breeders, then you'll be sure that you did not buy a "cat in a sack."

Mini Toy Terrier will bring to your house a hugethe number of positive emotions, because this little cheerful little dog will never make you bored. And her fearlessness can only be envied. It is impossible to remain indifferent looking at this small creature with big eyes!