The most in demand among competitorsis the brand Faber Castell, a mechanical pencil which is recognized as the most popular product. A huge number of varieties of pencils of a mechanical type can offer customers this legendary German company. The main properties that unite the company's products are quality and reliability, which, in turn, ensure a long service life and an excellent appearance of the products.

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Briefly about the main

The founder of such a popular brand as FaberCastell, became Caspar Faber, who in the distant 1761 opened a fairly successful family business. The oldest world-class enterprise that specializes in the production of stationery and art is Faber Castell. A mechanical pencil appeared on the world market not immediately, its ancestor was a graphite analog, which became popular during the founding of the brand.

About 250 years the enterprise is in the hands ofone dynasty. Today, the head of the company is Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell. After the invention of a pencil made of black graphite, this product received the name of its legendary creator.

Small workshop for the production of pencilstoday has become a huge corporation of international importance. The number of employees is about 6000 people. The company's facilities are located in different countries of the world, including Germany, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia and others.

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Product range

  • The BuroMax series is one of the mostpopular goods brand Faber Castell. A mechanical pencil of this type has a metal casing, the gripping zone of the rod on which is made in a relief interpretation. Convenient for the user will be the built-in eraser and the possibility of replacing the rod.
  • Grip-matic is one of the varieties of mechanicalpencils, which is different from the body of high-quality plastic, anatomical fence for fingers and an eraser, which is pulled out with a button.
  • The TK-Fine series is an example of a mechanical pencil with a retractable collet design. The advantage of this model is the specific and very reliable protection of the lead from breakage.
  • The EXECUTIVE model is represented by mechanical pencils with an anatomical finger rest, a retractable rubber band and a retractable collet.

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Price policy of the brand

Democratic price category amongcompetitors in the office supply market is distinguished by the world-class company Faber Castell. The mechanical pencil of this brand has the broadest price range, which varies from 130 to 1400 rubles. Regardless of the cost of these products, the quality of the goods always remains excellent.

Faber Castell, pencils: customer reviews

  • The mechanical pencils of this brand arereliable and quality, perfectly suited for drawing, drawing, and writing. Thanks to its anatomical features, excellent design and the finest rod, they are easy to use, leave no traces and do not break.
  • A worthy praise and respect is allproducts of the brand Faber Castell. Color and mechanical pencils of this company are distinguished by excellent performance characteristics, remarkable appearance, convenience, and also democratic prices. Faber Castell products are perfect for schoolchildren and students, as well as for professional draftsmen and designers.
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