In today's world, there are so many differentterms that often understand them simply is not possible, and you have to learn new information gradually, so as not to overload your brain. Interesting knowledge can be someone who is twins and twins, the difference in these concepts can qualitatively clarify the picture.

twins and twins difference

It is worth starting with the fact that there is no medicine in medicinesuch a thing as "twins". It arose among the people to facilitate the concept of the differences of simultaneously born children in colloquial speech. In medicine, there is the concept of "twins", and to be more precise, it is identical and differently identical twins, which differ from each other.

What is the difference

To begin with it is necessary to understand, who such twinsand twins. The difference in these concepts lies in the very process of fertilization. Twins or, as they are called in medicine, identical twins are the result of the division of one fertilized cell. It is very rare, but it happens when the cell is divided into four parts and the mother gives birth to 4 children. Twins, triplets and more are the result of almost equal in time fertilization of several eggs with different spermatozoa, i.e. in this case, cell division does not occur, and the conception and development of the zygote passes in its usual way.

twins or twins
Are they the same or not?

Now it is worth considering how muchidentical twins and twins. The difference here is essential. As already mentioned, the twins are the result of the division of one fertilized egg, so the babies that are born after this are practically the same. Until some time they are even confused by parents, because at a young age to learn to distinguish these babies is very difficult. They have the same color of eyes, hair, skin. Moreover, they have almost the same fingerprints! As for the interchangeability, they can easily transplant each other's organs without problems, which perfectly take root in a new place. The twins also have a very strong emotional connection. Often, even being at a distance, they subtly feel the moods and anxieties of each other, can also foresee the various situations that happen to the "second half". It is also worth noting that twins are same-sex children, i.e. only boys or only girls. As for twins (triplets, etc.), things are somewhat different here. These children are similar to each other just as much as ordinary brothers and sisters born through time. Variations of birth here can be different, moms can simultaneously give birth to both girls and boys. Transplant organs of each other in this case is not so easy, although it is also possible. On all the above parameters, and it is necessary to determine who is sitting in the stroller in the mother - twins or twins.

how to get twins and twins
Some statistics

For many interesting information,how often such children are born. First, it is worth noting that it will be much more difficult to conceive identical twins than dissimilar twins. Especially in the modern world, when many more twins are born through artificial insemination than before. So, how often are twins and twins born? The difference is there. If twins are born with a frequency of 4 thousand genera, then twins are much more likely - once for one thousand.


Knowing how to get twins and twins, you canto conclude that specially conceive several babies at the same time will not succeed. But do not despair, because the thoughts of a person are material, and if you really want, everything will necessarily happen.