For a long time in the whole world, watches are not consideredonly a functional element, but also an indisputable attribute of the distinct style of their owner. The correct choice of such an important accessory completes the image of a man or a woman, gives solidity and significance or, on the contrary, is able to light a playful light in the guise. By the hour, it is customary to judge the well-being of their owner.

Many people ask themselves: "What kind of watch is now in vogue?" First of all, it is necessary to understand that the very presence of watches is out of fashion and out of trends.

what kind of watch is now in fashion
Fashionable wrist watches are both male and female, and recently there have appeared many models that are universally suitable for both sexes.

Which watch is now in vogue for the beautiful halfhumanity, it's not easy to understand, in spite of the fact that the tendencies towards this accessory are fairly stable. Recently, the dynamics can be clearly traced in favor of models with a large dial. As a rule, its diameter starts from three centimeters. The presence of such large details contributes to creating a contrast between the subtlety and fragility of the charming female hand and the deliberate roughness of the watch. That such models do not look too masculine, the use of precious and semiprecious stones in sufficient quantities is accepted. Since models made from natural stones are more than expensive, in the segment of the middle class, crystals or crystals are most often found. If we talk about the metal used to create the watch, then this is certainly the top three: gold, silver and platinum. Their popularity is approximately the same. The greatest difficulty is the selection of colors.

fashion wrist watch
Still in the trend are classic models of black and white colors, as well as absolutely transparent options. Often today, you can also see combinations made in dark blue hues.
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What kind of watch is now in fashion for men to identifyis also very difficult. This is due primarily to the huge functionality of this device. To stay at the peak of fashion, a strong half of humanity, you may even have to acquire several models, which will successfully combine them with the style of clothing. The clock must necessarily be in place: a classic option for work, sports - for outdoor activities, meetings with friends or visits to the gym. If you buy a model with a leather strap, it would be nice to combine its shade with the color of your shoes, this balance is the most harmonious and universal. If such a composition seems to you too overhead, then give preference to the classics and non-skies. Screaming and tasteless will definitely look like models that imitate non-ferrous metals. If you prefer gold or platinum, then the material must necessarily be natural.

Today wear a watch in Moscow,really, necessary. For the rabid pace of life in a metropolis is extremely difficult. What kind of watch is now in vogue is difficult to understand. The best advice is to observe general trends, such as choosing a round shape of the dial, using natural ingredients as a material. Also, give preference to two-color models. At all thus it is very important to not forget about quality of your important and fashionable accessory.