mosquito nets on the balcony door
Mosquito nets on the balcony doorespecially popular in the summer. During this period, the balcony is always unbuttoned, that is why various insects are overcome. Everyone must be protected from them. Someone uses fumigators, someone - plates, and someone - spirals. But the minus of all these methods is that it is chemistry. Families with children often prefer to use such a thing as a mosquito net on the balcony door. She certainly has advantages:

  • Protection from insects. A mosquito net on the door will not allow mosquitoes and their "brethren" to enter your house. You will feel comfortable not only during the day, but also at night.
  • Lack of chemistry. There are no fumes and products of combustion, as when using plates, fumigators and spirals. This only has a positive effect on your family's health.
  • mosquito net on the balcony door
    Ventilated room. In the summer heat, you do not have to sleep in stuffiness, because the grid will not shut the door for the night.
  • In addition to protection from insects, mosquito nets onThe balcony door protects you and from the rain. You can not worry about the integrity of the parquet or laminate, because the drops do not penetrate the small weaving and do not allow moisture to enter your house.
  • Those who have pets, installationmesh also bring joy. Your pets will not run through the balcony to the street. At the same time they will have an excellent opportunity to bask in the sun or enjoy the breath of a light breeze without leaving the house.
  • In addition, mosquito nets on the balcony door look aesthetically pleasing and do not harm the design of the room.
  • The ease of operation also applies toadvantages of this device. Easy to install and remove. When opening and closing, too, there is no problem, since this object is protected from insects to full loops.
  • Simplicity of care will please the hostesses. It is enough just to wash the net under running water and shoot for the winter period.

mosquito net on the door
Types of mosquito nets

  1. Frame or frame. It is a plastic mesh that is framed by an aluminum frame. On the sides there are 2 plastic handles for easy removal and installation.
  2. Shtock. It differs from the previous type by the fastening mechanism. It is in demand among those living on the ground floors. Mounting from the inside eliminates the possibility of removing it from the outside.
  3. Roll or curled. Perhaps the most convenient option, which does not require storage space in the winter. Perfectly unfolds and folds in one motion of the hand.
  4. A mosquito door. It differs from ordinary size grids. It is installed directly on the balcony door. She presses it against the frame with the help of small magnets, which do not allow it to open under the influence of wind. Mosquito nets on the balcony door are made according to the size of the opening. Usually they are ordered together with a window, but the possibility of buying it separately is not excluded.

Mesh on the balcony door is very convenient. You no longer need to pull tulle there and fight insects. By the way, this eventually becomes even more economical than other mosquito remedies. The grid you buy for many years.