If you decide to have a dog, then thisautomatically means that a faithful four-legged friend will always wait for you at home, rejoicing at the arrival of his master. In this regard, it is very important to give the right name to the pet's home - this will in many ways simplify the establishment of contact with it. The name not only affects fate, it also determines the character. Not everyone knows, for example, how you can call a dog a girl. These recommendations will help in solving this problem.

How can you call a dog girl

So, what criteria should be taken into account beforehow to give a four-legged name to a friend? First of all, this is the presence of a pedigree, the nature of the character, the breed, the size, the sex of the dog. Those who have no idea about how to call a dog a girl, should know that at first it is necessary to determine what her pedigree is. As a rule, the name is already entered in the passport, and the question of which nickname to think up for a dog is simplified - it should be as consonant with the name.

Cynologists in deciding how tocall the dog a girl, do not recommend giving the mongrels complex names, such as, for example, Juliet or the Marquis. The fact is that they simply do not correspond to the status of a pet. It's better to call your sweet mongrel dog - Mosya, Julia or Umka.

How best to call the dog girl

Naturally, if you are the masterA four-footed friend with a "rich" pedigree, his name should be more pompous. A number of experts believe that it should consist of those letters that are present in the names of the pet's parents. In their opinion, only so the dog will be "accompanied by luck in life." Other specialists, giving recommendations on how to call a dog a girl, declare that the name should be chosen depending on the habits and characteristics of the character of the pet. At the same time, it should ideally suit him at all stages of his life. Very often dogs are called Chernushka, Kashtanka, Topa, Motya or Tiny.

Among the experts there is an opinion that the name of the lapdog should be modern. That's why today there was a fashion to call your pets in honor of movie stars or show business.

How nice to call a dog girl

"How best to call the dog a girl, if shebelongs to, for example, Chihuahua, Pinscher or Pekingese? "- you ask. The answer may be: "Lizzie, Peris, Sofa or Lyme." The most difficult thing is to choose a name for a large dog.

Solving the question of how beautiful it is to call a dog a girl, it is very important to be guided by the principle: the name should not only fit the pet, but also correspond to it.

If you are the owner of a Scottish collie, rottweiler or any sheepdog, experts advise you to name a four-legged friend by names such as Irma, Dana, Jesse, Kitty.

Of course, there is a whole arsenal of recommendationsabout how best to call your dog. For example, some give names depending on the location of the stars in the sky, wholly trusting in this matter to astrologers.

One way or another, but the girls' dogs are more affectionate and sensitive than the males, so the names should be as beautiful and easily remembered as possible.