Everyone dreams of being a parent, givinglove and strength to the baby, who in return will fill life with meaning. Caring for a child is a new stage in family relations, new joys and impressions, bright plans for the future.

But sometimes a couple learns the unpleasant news - they havethere can not be children. The world in the family is collapsing. Relations begin to deteriorate, sadness and resentment lead to deep depression. The frequency of scandals and reproaches increases, and the solution to the problem can drag on not for one year. Hope to hear joyful laughter and sweet snuff every day becomes less.

children's homes in moscow addresses

However, there is a chance to change destiny, to create a real family and to be loving parents.

More and more people decide on the adoption of the child from the orphanage, in order to give the child a happy childhood, to become his support and a loyal friend, and most importantly - mom and dad.

Children's home - where they always wait

When you get to an orphanage, you can see howEnough children understand and care. It is a great happiness to share my grief and joy with my parents, show drawings and crafts, talk about achievements and small failures. It is possible to find long-awaited family happiness and give your child hope for a happy future by visiting orphanages in Moscow. Addresses of some of them will be presented at the end of the article.

children's homes in moscow addresses and phone numbers

The most terrible thing for a child is a feeling of constantexpectations. The reality of the modern world lies in the fact that children's homes have unhealthy children who are less likely to become a favorite son or daughter. Foster parents often take strong kids, without any violations. However, many children could have health problems if they conducted individual lessons, additional procedures and exercises. Participate in the lives of children can be addressed to orphanages in Moscow, addresses and telephones which you can easily find out on official websites of institutions or after reading the article to the end.

Orthodox orphanages

A huge help for children is provided by shelters inchurch parishes and monasteries. People are willing to work not for the sake of earning, but wanting to help a little man survive this life shock. To date, there are orthodox children's homes in Moscow, the addresses of institutions can be asked from the servants of churches. It is in the churches and cathedrals that a charitable fundraising is held to help young children.

Education is based on Christiantraditions, which positively affects the future fate of the children. Classes of creativity, work and study help to cope with child's grief. However, the love and care of educators will not replace real family relationships.

children's homes of a family type in Moscow addresses

There are orthodox shelters, which take for education only boys or girls. There are such orphanages in Moscow. The addresses of some of them are also presented below.

St. Sophia, st. Krupskaya, 12а

St. Dimitry children's home for girls, st. Samed Vurgun, 3

Children's home "PAVLIN" for boys, st. Timiryazevskaya 22

Specialized children's homes

The purpose of the organization is to implementcorrective measures in the upbringing and behavior of children who have disorders of the central nervous system and psyche, mental or physical development defects, but are amenable to rehabilitation and training. The constant supervision of the pediatrician, narrow medical specialists and teachers helps children achieve significant success in development.

A specialized children's home in Moscow carries out medical and pedagogical activities. The addresses of these institutions should be visited by those who are not indifferent to the suffering of others.

Sanatorium children's home

The organization is created for children who needin long-term treatment. Pupils of such houses suffer from speech and hearing defects, are weakened after suffering serious illnesses or have lesions of the central nervous system. Employees of the orphanage create favorable conditions for health promotion. Preventive measures contribute to mental and physical development. They spend their sanatorium orphanages in Moscow. The addresses are shown below.

№ 14, 14-th microdistrict (Zelenograd), room 1426

№17, Krylatskie Hills, 28 к.4

№23 Filevsky Boulevard, 1k2

№ 48, Parkovaya 16, 4

Children's homes of family type

Adopted children grow up in a family orphanage inthe atmosphere of kindness and affection, get education, engage in a favorite hobby, create their own families, without breaking relations with parents-educators, brothers and sisters. Creation of favorable conditions in a new family, rendering assistance in upbringing and keeping up, is being done by family-type children's homes in Moscow, whose addresses can also be found on official websites (Marshala Nedelina str., 16, building 1, etc.).

children's home in Moscow addresses

The fate of the children living in orphanages is far from beingordinary domestic joys. A new toy or a sweet gift from the hands of your beloved mother is the most cherished dream of boys and girls. Kids are looking forward to the arrival of new parents, looking with hope at the window and shuddering when the door opens. Every night the guys make the same dream, because dreams about my mother - warmer than the sun.