It's not an idle question that rises in thisarticle: "What to give a guy for 25 years?". A quarter of life is already behind us, the very flowering of youth and jubilee. Therefore, I want to present a gift for a guy for 25 years was thoughtful, worthwhile. And not only in money terms.

what to give a guy for 25 years
The cake is the king on the festive table!

The main attribute of the celebration was forever consideredbirthdays, and even more so, jubilees, cake. On the one hand, they ate and forgot. And on the other - they ate and remembered forever. Especially if in the shape of a cake the search for an answer to the question about what to give a guy for 25 years is traced. Or even a hint: "Our gift could be this, but the finances are not always in harmony with spiritual impulses ...". Therefore, a cake in the form of a guitar or an inflatable boat, a fashionable sneaker or a car, a helicopter or a motorcycle helmet will be received by both guests and the originator of the celebration just "with a bang"! Of course, before plunging the knife into the sweet flesh, it would be nice to take a picture of this masterpiece along with the gifted one.

gift guy for 25 years
What to give a guy for 25 years?

Well, if the culprit of the celebration is he who seeksa gift to him, knows very well. After all, a gift for 25 years guy should meet his interests. It's silly to present a computer genius with a soccer ball with the autographs of famous footballers, and the rocker with an electronic book. But the amateur to stay in nature, sit with a fishing rod on the shore of the reservoir the inflatable boat, a large modern tent, spinning, portable gas stove can do the best. A folding knife? It's a dream not only of a tourist, a fisherman and a bard - no one of the stronger sex will get a branded expensive knife.

gift for 25 years guy
True, there are all kinds of beliefs that prohibitgive sharp, cutting objects and weapons. Ha! There is a way out: let the gift be given to the donor at the moment of receiving the coin offering - as if he would buy this thing. And he will deceive the evil spirits who, supposedly, only wait to harm good people.

Gold guy as a gift - is it a bad form?

Many young people today love goldornaments: bracelets, chains, rings. And although these gifts are best for the jubilee "to sell for a penny" - so, just in case, - they will bring joy to the boy necessarily. You can also present a gold wristwatch, a lighter, an earring (if a young man is addicted to piercing).

Gift "computer genius"

armchair as a gift
And what to give a guy for 25 years, if for himis the screen of the monitor? Of course, some new "gadgets" for his "liquid crystal friend"! But to do this should be very cautious - the probability of buying is not the right thing. Therefore, the best option is either to go with the culprit of the celebration to the computer shop together, or present him with a gift certificate. But a comfortable beautiful multi-functional armchair for a guy - it will be the gift that can be made a surprise.

A gift made by own hands is the most precious to the heart

Do not despair of those who do not have muchmoney to buy an expensive thing. After all, a gift can be done by one's own hands! Today, the direction of handmade is extremely fashionable - any handmade crafts are valued much higher than those purchased by factory workers. Therefore, an exclusive knitted vestments or embroidered on a canvas portrait, sewn a fashionable shirt or fashioned out of polymer clay and a painted cigarette have a chance to become the brightest gifts on the anniversary.