Everyone knows that gifts made with their own hands,are valued more than usual. The same applies to packaging. If a person is not too lazy and has formalized a gift on his own, albeit not as carefully as a specialist does, it is still much more pleasant. In addition, at home you can pack original gifts in an original and unusual way, by finding a couple of interesting ideas.

beautiful gift wrapping

How to pack gifts? The easiest way is to use paper for this. There are many ideas how to present a surprise to a person. The most famous step is buying beautiful wrapping paper in the store, but this is not so interesting. The gift can be packaged non-standard. Use beautiful wallpaper, selecting a pattern with embossing or just a cheerful coloring. A very unusual idea - to pack a souvenir in newspaper or toilet paper. But it should be taken into account that not everyone can understand this. Therefore, present a gift so designed is better to close friends with an excellent sense of humor. An excellent idea of ​​how to pack gifts, can be the use of paper, similar to the postal packaging for wrappers. Here at once memories from the childhood when at reception of the next parcel from relatives would be desirable to appear soon would be desirable to look, that there inside.

how to pack gifts
the cloth

Looking for options, how to pack gifts,try using different fabrics. Such design of the presents is very original and unusual. There are many options. You can carefully wrap the souvenir by twisting the ends (as in a paper wrapper). It will look great gift, wrapped in a scarf, which, incidentally, can also be used later. The ends of the scarf are tied in a huge bow, so the gift looks very nice. You can make a present in the form of a huge candy, tying the fabric with a thread and slightly releasing the tips. It will be interesting to look a wrapper from burlap or felt. And gift bottles can be put in a golfcloth or sock, slightly zadekorirovav used garment.


When choosing options, how to pack gifts, you cantry to embroider or tie your own wrapper. For example, try to weave for the box in which there is a present, "clothes" in the technique of macrame. You can lace the package with a crochet. But here it is worth thinking about what to throw such a work of art will be a pity, and to use it further, most likely, there will be no possibility.

plastic gift wrapping
Other options

Plastic packaging may be of interestgifts, but here it will be necessary to work a little. The material is easy to find, just take a bottle of the right shape, size and color. On the one hand, it needs to be cut off, leaving the bottom. The top of the bottle can be decorated in many different ways: cutting the tip on the ribbons and tightening them with scissors in curls, simply by arranging the trimmed top with paper or cloth. You can make a cover for such a box. The material for its production will serve paper, cardboard, fabric - all that is there. The walls of the box can be painted, supplemented or sewed. Original and beautiful gift wrapping is ready!