Polish company Riko specializes inthe release of such children's products as cribs and strollers. All of them are produced in various modifications. All products are of high quality, reliability, and the Riko stroller is also functional. The products of this brand will satisfy any consumer, even the most fastidious parent. The operation of goods is notable for its convenience, comfort and safety for children.

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Riko stroller is available in a wide range of productsModels that differ slightly in their design, capabilities, designs. The most popular are the transformers, which can easily be converted into a cradle. They are designed for children, ranging from infancy and ending with a three-year age. All of them have an ergonomic design, a pretty appearance, a relatively small weight, which is especially important for mothers living on the upper floors. Stroller Riko has inflatable chrome wheels, it differs light weight and good passableness. It is also possible to adjust the position of the backrest (up to 4 positions), this process is carried out with ease.

In addition, accessories can go: a raincoat that folds into a special case, a mosquito net, a bottle holder, a spare removable mattress.

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Models of strollers Riko

One of the most popular model among parentsis the stroller-transformer Riko Balerina. The main characteristics of the device: the presence of seat belts, spring shock absorbers, a flip handle. It is possible to adjust the height of the footrest, the inclination of the backrest. To protect the child from the sun, a special visor is designed. Compact dimensions allow you to easily pass into the elevator. In addition, the stroller quickly folds, which is provided by the mechanism of the "book" type. The kit includes a carry-cot, which makes it easy to move the child. Designed for babies from 0 to 3 years. In the future, it can be converted into a stroller designed for older children.

A cheaper option is the stroller RikoViper. For quality, a set of functions and additional devices, it is not inferior to those described above, but it has more overall dimensions. In the kit it, unlike other models, has a bag for the mother, which allows you to take with you all the necessary things.

stroller transformer riko

Also among the modifications of Riko wheelchairs there are models Grand, Lider and the most budgetary version of Matrix. In the latter case, the design is simpler, has fewer adjustments to the position of the stroller.

The company Riko does not stand still, it continues to develop new models that will be even more convenient, multifunctional, modern.

Thus, Rico's stroller is the optimaloption for parents and their young children. These products are multifunctional, modern, compact, equipped with everything necessary and convenient to use, therefore they occupy one of the main positions in the modern market of children's goods, many parents choose this brand.