Having bought a wonderful pied-birdpet, many people immediately start to wonder whether it is possible to teach the parrot to talk. Let's consider in this article the premises that will help your bird to become more communicative, as well as the exercises that you need to perform together with it. A little effort on your part - and the question "how to teach wavy parrots to talk?" will be resolved.

how to teach wavy parrots to talk

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Each parrot is an individuality. Therefore, it is difficult to predict what abilities a specific bird has. And even if the talents of your pet are small, it is sometimes possible to compensate with patience and regular training. How to quickly teach a parrot to talk? Unfortunately, haste here can not help. This takes time. Some large parrots (Jaco, Cockatoos, Amazons) have the ability to copy sounds, but not always human speech. They imitate, for example, coughing, laughter or noise of a washing machine. If you are faced with the problem of "how to teach wavy parrots to talk?", You will be helped only by patient training.

There is an opinion that the females of these birds speak much worse.

 can you teach a parrot how to talk
This is not true. Abilities are in no way connected with their gender. And some females even pronounce words more clearly than males.

How to teach wavy parrots to talk

Start training the birds do not immediately, andAfter she has mastered your home, she will live her cell and will be able to trust all your household members. Favorable conditions of maintenance and care will help the parrot to feel good, and he will become willing to communicate. A young parrot can be taught to speak easier. If you took it at the age of forty days, then the task of taming is easily solved. It is advisable not to place it in the society of other birds.

how to quickly teach a parrot to talk
But you should not leave it alone - you need toput the cage in a crowded, noisy place where the bird will hear a clear human speech. Toys to give to her during training is undesirable, it will distract. Before you teach wavy parrots to talk, you need to accustom them to sit on the shoulder and the hands of the master. Soon you will notice that the bird is listening attentively to your words, if you pronounce them quietly, clearly and calmly. After seeing that the parrot slowly closes and opens its eyes, repeat the word several times. Birds like higher and clearer voices, so children are more likely to teach the bird to speak.

Principles of training

Training should be conducted by the same person(it's better if it's a child or a woman). A parrot should trust his teacher, an unacceptably rude and impatient attitude. During training, help the bird to concentrate - remove all extraneous sounds, otherwise the curious pet will turn and listen not to you, but to the noise. Lessons for the parrot should be done regularly, but they should not be long, otherwise the bird will get tired. It is better to teach in the morning and in the evening for fifteen minutes and immediately after the lesson give a treat. First you need to repeat simple monosyllables. Then, when the parrot can repeat them, go to the word combinations.