Leopard prints are classics of style. You can wear them all year round and it's old-fashioned not to look like that. For someone, leopard prints are considered too bright clothes, although only lovers of office strict attire think so. Although, you see, everything is good in moderation. First of all, it concerns clothes. Leopard prints are an original way to diversify and revive the usual outfits and styles with a simple accessory or detail. Basically, a simple detail of this color can turn dramatically and give the appearance of new shades. Such a trendy and always classic print is easy enough to wear, with the main thing - with taste and properly shape your image.

leopard prints

Let's take a closer look at examples of classic elegant images created with these prints.

There are several nuances that are necessarytake into account when choosing a leopard print in clothes. These "AGAINST" and "FOR" will help simplify and narrow down the choice and, in addition, pick up things of such colors that will really look stylish and elegant to you. The following recommendations will help you create an attractive and aesthetically pleasing image.

Leopard prints: we combine with other shades

The traditional coloring of the "leopard" includes neutral shades of brown and beige, due to which it is easily combined with other tones, creating at the same time organic, stylish images.

leopard print 2013

The most proven and safe way to createsuch an elegant print style is to combine it with neutral colors of accessories or other clothes. Among them you can find black, beige, cream, brown, olive green and dark blue. They are calm enough, therefore, help to balance the seductive leopard print 2013.

Classic or basic wardrobe items complementimage and will be the basis for creating different new styles. Among them are pearl earrings, black shoes, blazers and formal office dresses. With the help of such things, you can create a chic image, giving it subtlety and refinement.

If you have a dress in your wardrobe withleopard prints in the official style, then it can be balanced with various basic additional things in a relaxed, free style in order not to look tasteless and pretentious. Wanting to try on an open item of such color, for example short shorts, a skirt or a topic, you need to think about how you can combine it with the modest details of your wardrobe, such as leggings or a shirt over top.

leopard print in clothes

Leopard prints: we select accessories

If you do not like too bright andaccentuating the attention of things, then try on such a coloring in various accessories. Among them can be shoes with heels, scarf or clutch. Try to beat the black little dress, adding it with a clutch with a bright leopard print. You can combine a T-shirt and jeans with a scarf of this color. It will be interesting to combine such a print with a pattern in polka dots or a floral pattern, but here you need to correctly pick up the elements.