Modern innovations in medicine very much help young mothers. These are urological pads, bandages, special briefs for single use. You are wondering why do you need disposable panties in the hospital?

why in the hospital disposable panties

This question is answered in this article. But first we will understand what panties are like. This linen appeared on sale relatively recently, and many future mothers still do not know about it. In the life of expectant mothers, preparing for childbirth is an exciting time. And the idea to take disposable panties to the maternity hospital is almost the last thing that can come to mind. Therefore, many in the old manner take with them to the hospital the usual "hebeshki."

Disposable Panties

Reviews about these things are quite diverse,someone already appreciated the innovation of hygiene, someone thinks that this is an extra overpayment of money. The main essence of their application, even based on the name, is one-time use. After childbirth, when the uterus clears and there are abundant discharges, hygiene should be observed more than ever. Constantly wash the underwear in the postpartum department will not work, and simply can not. That's why recently, even doctors recommend taking disposable panties to the hospital.

in the maternity home disposable panties

With regard to the material from which theUnderwear is an elastic, non-woven net-like material that provides excellent air permeability. Despite its net structure, the linen fixes the gasket well and fits the figure. These merits are already appreciated by many women in labor and recommend taking disposable panties in the maternity hospital. Reviews of this laundry are usually positive. Mom says that such an accessory is necessary after delivery. Taking them with you, you avoid problems with washing, drying and storing dirty laundry.

The size

Before you buy in the maternity home disposable panties in the pharmacy, you need to choose exactly the size for the most comfortable use. They are all standard - according to the European system S, M, L and so on.

disposable briefs reviews

For understanding, often enter a dimension table with the maximum permissible weight. Depending on the manufacturer, a set of linens may include and include several gaskets.

Choice and purchase

Another important issue: "Where can I buy disposable panties in the maternity ward?" It's simple, this important accessory can be purchased with other necessary things in the pharmacy - it's like the most common option. You can buy in special online stores. What is the difference? Pharmacies sell the most versatile standard versions of this hygiene accessory. And in online stores you can familiarize yourself with a wider choice and choose the most suitable for yourself. This can be attributed to the size of the laundry - in pharmacies the most common are M, L, XL. While in online stores you can meet more sizes.


Take in the maternity home disposable panties - this,undoubtedly, the right decision, and you can not especially worry, you have enough purchased quantity or not enough, because the missing pair can be bought at the nearest pharmacy (as a rule, they are at the maternity home). But if you want to prepare in more detail, in order not to hammer your head in the future with possible troubles, you need to remember a small rule.

disposable briefs in maternity hospital reviews

In the first few days, you need to change your pantiesminimum two or three times, then everything depends on your individual characteristics. Sometimes the stay in the maternity hospital is extended for a longer time, so even moms recommend disposable panties in the maternity ward to take a minimum of ten. Extra clothes will not be, and the missing can be bought.


At least a sock and the use of such linenmore aesthetic for the hospital (smeared - thrown out), but as a maximum, it warns against getting infections. At a price all depends on the models and the manufacturer, the price can range from 400 rubles for ten pieces and higher. This is quite acceptable for a thing that performs an important function.

Now you know what constitutesdisposable panties, what they are made of and how to wear them. In addition, we explained why such a thing is extremely necessary in the hospital. We hope that this information will be useful to you in the future. Good luck to you and safe deliveries!