Fifty for a man, as they say, not age. Such an anniversary is an excellent occasion to invite your friends, colleagues and wives to sit together in a beautiful company and have plenty of fun. One feast is not enough, it should alternate with interesting sketches, in which almost everyone could participate. Next will be presented funny sketches for the jubilee of a man who will amuse everyone.

sketch for the jubilee of a man

After the feast will last sometime, it's time to shake up a little and show who is capable of what. To do this, some participants of the holiday are given sheets of paper, where it is written who is who for the next lottery. Usually it is: a tree (an oak), a crow, a bunny, a horse, Ivanushka, Vasilisa, Baba Yaga. The one who took on the role of the host of the evening, says that in the middle of the field grew a large tree. The person performing this role, comes from behind the table on the improvised scene. Then the presenter continues: "A crow flew up to the tree and sat on its spreading branches. At that time the hare passed by, got tired and lay down near the roots of the oak. "

funny sketches for the jubilee of a man

This scene on the anniversary of the man will certainly causelaughter at the guests. One can not safely look at how the lucky one, who has the role of a crow, tries somehow to perch on the hands-branches of the "oak". Sprawling in the legs of a tree bunny, too, will cause a smile. Further development of the plot is that Baba Yaga came, she was defeated by Ivanushka and saved her Vasilisa. Then the horse galloped up, the young ones sat down on it and went home. Usually at this place the guests' laughter does not stop. For someone who plays the role of a horse, you need to be strong enough to fit Ivan and Vasilisa somehow. This scene at the jubilee of a man can be supplemented by his story, based on the nature of the company and the tastes of the birthday person. You can add characters to use most of the guests. Let on an oak suddenly instead of acorns the banana will grow, to dress the visitor thus it is possible in advance.

At the end of the birthday or the leader will be distributedparticipants of souvenirs. You can prepare medals from cardboard in advance (with the inscriptions: "Best Oak", "Bright Hare", "Most Charming Baba Yaga", "The Most Yellow or Large Banana", etc.) and hang them on satin ribbons.

Prepared sketches for the jubilee-50 man (orwoman) can alternate with viewing old photos. Modern technology allows you to design their clear image directly on the stage. Birthday, his friends and family will be pleased to see themselves in childhood and remember the past. After rest, raising toasts, everyone waits for another scene. On the jubilee of a man, a comic play called "Pencils" will be appropriate. Each participant passes a pencil to another, holding it between the nose and lips, without the help of hands. This action is also fun.

The cost of the jubilee for a man can be with hisparticipation. The birthday girl and his wife sit on chairs next to each other. The presenter says that now the couple will remember how it was so many years ago when their firstborn was born. The husband and wife represent that they are in the hospital. The spouse will ask questions about the newborn, and the wife should respond only with gestures, as between the pair an imaginary glass wall is erected.

Scenes for the 50th anniversary of the man

Funny sketches will bring even more jokes, will perfectly mark the anniversary. All guests will leave the holiday in high spirits and very happy.