Pets have always occupied a separate placein people's lives. Especially significant are the dogs. Today there is a mass of rocks. Each of them has not only visual differences, but also character. One of the most sociable breeds is York. These dogs contact the people and other domestic pets without problems.

Characteristic features of the Yorkshire Terrier -miniature size, playful temper, shiny hair, small ears and a perky look. Dogs of this breed acutely feel the mood of the owner and do not tolerate a long separation. You can walk them on a leash and without it. If the street is cool, the york with great pleasure will climb into the bosom to the owner. The adult has a small weight - about 1-4 kg. Despite its miniature decorative terriers have excessive boldness. Due to a clear hearing, animals respond to the arrival of guests long before they appear on the doorstep.

Competent care and care contribute tolife expectancy. Yorkshire Terriers remain active and playful until old age. The wool of these dogs resembles women's hair, so it needs careful care. The animal should be regularly bathed and combed. Besides, Yorkshire Terrier looks great with a short haircut.

In food predilections, this breed is unpretentious. Experienced dog breeders recommend to feed Yorkies with quality canned food or dry food. Such food contains the proper amount of vitamins and trace elements. On the day an adult animal will need from 3 to 6 tablespoons of food. Contain terriers best in urban apartments. They can manage the need not only on the street, but also in the tray, the main thing is to accustom the dog to this process from childhood.

Yorkies never bark for no reason. They are not inclined to spoil furniture or arrange other zavarushki. This breed is suitable for allergy sufferers and small children. The miniature size of the Yorkshire terrier and its restraint allow you to take your pet with you on an airplane, bus and other public transport. Traveling he carries quietly, on the hands of the owner can sit for several hours, watching what is happening through the window. Many hotels are also allowed to keep a yorka in the room. Having made the decision to get a dog of this breed, it is necessary to remember that it is very tender and vulnerable. Therefore, her health and well-being will completely depend on the quality of care.