Not so long ago the most popular were consideredTeflon pans, but today they are confidently replaced by models with ceramic coating. And it should be noted that such a coating is much more practical, durable and safe for human health. In general, if you choose, the best option is a ceramic frying pan. Reviews show that cooking on it is a pleasure, besides it is very useful, because you can fry without adding vegetable oil.

Ceramic frying pan отзывы

Advantages of the pan with ceramic coating

It has already been proven that the damaged Teflonheating over 250C begins to allocate a huge amount of unsafe for human health chemicals. Many of them can promote the development of tumors, disrupt the work of the cardiovascular system, cause the development of diabetes. So it is worth considering to make a small audit in your kitchen, throw out old pans and buy new ones. And best of all, if a new acquisition is a ceramic frying pan, reviews about which in their majority are only positive. Let's look at the main advantages of such a useful thing in cooking:

Ceramic frying pan moneta

  • Fast heating, therefore, and fast cooking. And the heating occurs evenly, so stirring the food will have much less.
  • High strength and durability. Scratch the ceramic coating is not so simple. And if you hold it with a fork, there will be no traces. Of course, if you make more effort and purposefully try to scratch the cover, for example, with a knife, the traces can still remain.
  • Easy to clean. Although it is not recommended to wash the frying pan with ceramic coating in the dishwasher.
  • Allows to fry without oil, than stainless steel frying pans can not boast.

So, if you want to cook quickly andsafe for health, you definitely need a ceramic frying pan. The reviews left by the numerous hostesses are the bright proof. It is noted that it is really simple and quick to cook in such dishes. And still such acquisition will prove useful to those who watches the figure. After all, now you can fry without oil, and therefore, and consume much less calories. Modern housewives experience real pleasure and try to forget that even recently they had to work with Teflon, which requires a particularly careful attitude towards itself.

Frying Pans Stainless Steel

Currently, the production of such frying pansmany manufacturers are engaged. So, the well-known ceramic pan Moneta, as well as GreenPan and many others have proved successful. During the purchase, you should pay attention to the appearance of the product, the absence of scratches and cracks and, of course, trust only a reliable manufacturer. If you need a ceramic frying pan, the reviews will help to make the right choice. Do not be lazy to know the opinions of those who have already used such a wonderful acquisition and will be able to give their assessment.