What kind of toys now you will not meet! Giraffes, elephants, hippopotamuses, evil birds, cars from the cartoon "Cars", flying helicopters, puppies and kittens, who, like living wag their tail, bark and purr and much, much more, just enough for the imagination of producers. How not to get lost in such abundance? What toy for a child to choose? It is worth noting that, despite a huge selection, as before, boys choose cars, and girls - dolls. The main number of toys sold in stores falls on children from one to five years. A child between the ages of one and three will like the children's wheelchair. It is both a toy and a means of transportation for the baby.

children's typewriter
Such a toy is a big typewriteron stable, heavy-duty wheels. Children's wheelchair has a small weight, so it is easy to take to the street or visit. It has a seat with a backrest for the child to sit comfortably on it, the steering wheel connected to the front swivel wheels to control the machine. Such machines will interest both boys and girls. Children's wheelchair usually has a bright coloring to attract the attention of children. Some models are equipped with headlights, flashers, trunk, horn, buttons, when pressed, various sounds are reproduced, and many other things that give the kids pleasure.

Ride the kids on them, pushing their feet onprinciple of scooter. It is very convenient for children and parents to walk a wheelchair with a handle, for which an adult can push it, the child's feet are at the same time on a special step. The pen allows the parent not just to push the machine, but to control it. Thus, a wheelchair with a handle is an alternative to cumbersome strollers. If necessary, the handle is disconnected.

typewriter with a handle

When choosing a wheelchair, it is necessary to drawattention, first of all, to the material from which it is made. It must be certified and not harmful to the health of the child. Also, the children's machine (wheelchair) must match the child in size so that it is convenient for him to sit on it and move around. It is necessary to take into account the preferences of the child himself. Cars-wheelers now produce various forms and colors, based on cartoons, comics, serials, fairy tales, films. The kid will be happy to play and ride a car with the image of his beloved hero. The price of a children's wheelchair varies from a thousand to three thousand rubles. Do not choose too expensive models, it should be remembered that the child will use the typewriter for only a year or two.

baby wheelchair

A children's wheelchair accustoms the baby toindependence, gives him freedom of movement, develops spatial orientation, strengthens the muscular system of the child. She will become his favorite toy and convenient and easy replacement of the stroller. The disadvantage of a children's wheelchair is that as a transport for babies it can be used only in summer and in dry weather.