Choosing a style of curtains for a kitchen window is a task,say, not quite simple. It would seem, what is the difficulty? After all, the kitchen - a room where you do not need dense curtains, multi-layered heavy drapes, obscuring and closing the window. However, curtains play an important role in the overall decoration of the room, it is their shape and color that become the finishing touch. Complex textile compositions on the windows always look beautiful. Cloaks, svagi, long flowing jabos falling down the window give the room an elegant look even with the simplest furnishings. Is it worth it to make lambrequins in the kitchen? Why not. The main thing is to choose the appropriate shape and color, taking into account the style and specificity of this room. Lambrequin is a universal decoration. It can perfectly complement both the classic interior and modern, shining with gloss and metal. However, we should note that it is not necessary to make lambrequins too complex and multilayered in the kitchen. Still, this room is intended for cooking, and this process is associated with various evaporation, soot, settling on all surfaces with a thick coating, requiring constant cleaning, so the curtains in the kitchen are washed more often. It is difficult to care for drapes, to wash, and then to smooth the folds - a whole problem. Therefore, we will choose the simpler, but not less attractive models. The same applies to the choice of fabrics. Curtains and lambrequins for the kitchen sew from well-tolerant materials: dense cotton fabrics, polyester, silk.

The kitchen is filled with lambrequins.
Now we will choose the style. In the kitchen, lambrequins made in the form of frills, simple, but very attractive, can be sewn by yourself. This simple style is suitable for various interiors. Small flower, pea and cage perfectly complement the classical or romantic style, and monochrome or striped fabrics in the color of kitchen facades, decorated with contrasting light and elegant finishes, will decorate the modern interior. Approaching the process creatively, combining several different fabrics, using braids and appliqués, you can sew light curtains yourself and very beautiful lambrequins for the kitchen (photo). Novelties of design also suggest to choose a similar window decor to the blinds or a roller blind that will soften the severity of the lines and bring into the interior playfulness and additional coziness. For example, the original window with blinds, complemented by a lambrequin, made of individual narrow details of two closely related colors, with corners decorated with a brush, looks original.

Curtains and lambrequins for the kitchen.
Usually lambrequin is cut out by the width1/6 of the height of the curtain, and its length in the finished form should be equal to the length of the cornice. In addition, at least 1/3 of the length is added for the fluffy assemblies. The folds are collected with the help of curtain braid, sewn from the back side and tied to the desired distance. On the window the lambrequin is fixed firmly, it should not move together with the curtains. For this purpose, a special cornice is selected, the front side of which is trimmed with Velcro tape, on which it is convenient to attach the collected fabric. You can hang it on an extra barbell or fasten directly to the top of the eaves.

Lambruck for kitchen, photo. New items.
In the kitchen lambrequins are suitable and flat. They also blend well with blinds, tulle and roman curtains. To make a similar model, you must use a pattern. From the paper make a preliminary preparation of the shape and size, strictly measured by the size of the cornice. Then the detail is cut out from the main and lining fabric, leaving the allowances to be folded from above and below. In order to keep the flat lambrequin well kept in shape, a dense adhesive base is laid between the fabric and the lining. Such a model is attached only to the top of the eaves, completely closing it. This is done with a velcro tape, one part of which is fixed on the cornice, and the other on the lambrequin. Such a lambrequin can look stern and laconic, and can be quite romantic, if you make it from a fabric with a bright floral print.