We are sure that after reading the words "a rat dogmuzzle "in the title of our article, many of the owners of these animals will take offense at the author. After all, for them, the beloved four-legged friend is the cleverest, the most devoted and the most beautiful. Perhaps someone sees a similarity to a known rodent - we will not judge them strictly.

Until recently, the domestic media representedbull terrier as an evil, stupid, aggressive and extremely unattractive creature. In this case, no one mentioned that sometimes harmless, at first glance, the Spitz, cute Dolmintsev or charming Chow Chow is much more aggressive than the bull terrier, and that these dogs can be dangerous.

dog with rat muzzle

Everything depends on the puppy's upbringing, on what kind ofthe goal is pursued by a person acquiring an animal. Someone needs a loyal companion, and someone wants to see a killer dog nearby. Most often in our time to the last category of owners are teenagers, who thus want to establish themselves among their peers.

But let's leave emotions and try to figure out what she really is - a dog with a rat muzzle. Perhaps after reading this article, someone will change their mind about this animal.

Bull terrier: description

Unfortunately, not all breeds of dogs are humandeduced in order to four-legged pet became a true friend and reliable companion. Violent entertainment of people dictated to some breeds of dogs other requirements - aggressiveness, endurance, increased pain threshold. They were used for dog fights, baiting of animals. Bull terrier is a medium-sized fighting dog weighing 25 kilograms. Height - from 40 (females) to 55 cm (male).

dog with a rat muzzle


The Bull Terrier, whose photo you see in the article,has a very peculiar and recognizable egg-shaped head. It is located quite low on a muscular strong neck. Jaws and teeth are very powerful, with a cruciform bite. Probably, these external signs allow some people to say that it is a dog with a rat muzzle. Although, in our opinion, the comparison is rather doubtful.

Ears are triangular, standing, located close to each other. The nose is large, the nostrils are well developed. The tail is short, tapering towards the end. Eyes small, triangular, widely set.

bull terrier photos

Body type

This is a powerful and muscular animal - bull terrier. Characteristics of the breed suggests that his chest is rounded. The limbs are muscular, strong. With the apparent massiveness of the bull terrier is very spoonful, twist and mobile. It is distinguished by excellent jumping.


Bull terrier, photo, which can be seen in allcynological publications, can have both a purely white color, and color. The first option is preferable, followed by the brindle one. Other colors are not marriage or vice.

bull terrier


Now let's see if the dog is so dangerouswith a rat muzzle. The breed of bull terrier is characterized by strength and agility. Her relationship with a person, like that of other dogs, is 99% dependent on the puppy's upbringing. If from an early age he realized that the owner is the leader, whose submission must be unquestioning, then the best friend is difficult to find.

The breed of bull terrier, more precisely its representatives,has the following features: these are playful, restless and active beings. Having decided to start a bull terrier, get ready for many hours of daily walks. Therefore, such a dog is more suitable for energetic and young masters.

how much is the bull terrier

If you mention the name of this breed to youa dog with a rat's muzzle appears, which means that you were exposed to the black PR spread in our press about this animal in the late 90s. In fact, this is a cheerful, cheerful and quite nice dog.

Contrary to the statements of journalists, the bull terrierhas a high level of intelligence. Yes, he is capricious and jealous. Will not obey, if he finds the owner's commands unreasonable. The owner will need love, patience and care to raise the dog correctly. We must not forget that she needs early socialization. As this is a very clever dog, she will gladly respond to a friendly and kind attitude and will readily submit to a fair host.

Maintenance and care

Smooth-haired dog (bull terrier refers to bothtimes to such varieties) does not require complex care. Twice a year - in the fall and in the spring - it is molted. Wool is easy to remove with a small brush or special mitten. After a walk, you do not have to bathe a dog - just wipe it with a damp towel or sponge.

bull terrier description

It is necessary to check the eyes and ears of your petfor inflammation, although the bull terrier suffers from ear infections rarely. Characterization of the breed indicates more serious genetic problems with hearing, especially in white individuals. Often they are born completely deaf.

Since the bull terrier is very mobile, walks withthey must be long and active. Give your pet a run of plenty, play with the ball, jump over the crossbar. This will maintain the excellent physical condition of your pet, as these dogs are prone to obesity. And after such an active walk at home, the dog will be calm and peaceful.

Choosing a puppy

Puppies of this breed are very cute kids. It is unlikely that someone will turn the tongue to describe such a baby insulting phrase - "dog with a rat muzzle." This breed is special, so if you decide to purchase such an animal, you should contact a specialized nursery or a well-proven breeder. Do not buy a dog on the market or on an ad. In this case, you risk acquiring a sick or a mongrel puppy.

dog with a rat muzzle

A baby can be taken from a mother at the age of twohalf a month. By this time in the kennel, he will be made all the necessary vaccinations. When buying, pay attention to the teeth. At this age they should have twelve puppies - six on top and bottom.

It is necessary to check the hearing (wetalked about this problem). For this it is enough to clap your hands and see if there is a reaction in the puppy. It is desirable to get acquainted with the parents of the baby, to see their pedigrees. Usually obvious deviations from the standard are visible even to the professional.

Parenting puppy

Bull terrier - the dog is hyperactive, soTo start to bring up the puppy is necessary from the first days of its occurrence in your house. The new tenant should have a place to rest, a certain place to eat, where there should be bowls for food and water.

breed bull terrier

First of all, the owner should make it clearbaby, that he is the master of the house. You can not go on about the puppy, letting him climb on a sofa or beg at the master's table. Small bull terriers are very smart. They quickly realize that you can not take food from other people's people or pick it up from the ground, etc. If you understand that you can not raise a puppy yourself, contact a professional cynologist.

How much is the bull terrier?

The cost of any animal depends on variousfactors - the presence of a pedigree, the "merits" of parents, the physical condition of the baby, his exhibition prospects. Answering the question: "How much is the bull terrier?", It should be noted that the spread of prices for today can be from 15 to 70 thousand rubles. The average price for puppies of the bull terrier in famous nurseries varies from 30 to 40 thousand rubles. Lower cost should alert the buyer.

bull terrier

Let's sum up the results

Briefly describe the representatives of the breedbull terrier can be in a few words: strong and dexterous, wise and contact, faithful and kind. These dogs need early socialization and compulsory education. Suitable for experienced and active owners. It is necessary to know that the bull terrier, like, indeed, many other breeds of dogs, will not perceive as a leader a nervous and insecure person, as well as a cruel, offending animal. This dog will be submissive and will respond to care and love, and will be betrayed only to someone whom he respects, and such respect must be earned.