At the dacha they turned off the light, there is no water. And you only need two buckets to water the radish bed. This is where the manual water pump comes in handy. This is a very useful thing in the household. Five to ten times they swung, the water went - artesian, clean, drinking.

Hand pump for water

Simple construction

Cylinder with internal piston and valve. Below there is another leaf opening under the pressure of water. When the lever of this device moves downwards, the piston rushes upward, creating a vacuum inside the cylinder and a water-lifting pipe. Water under pressure rises, opening the bottom valve (sash). The cylinder is filled. Lifting the handle up, you close it by moving the inner contents down. At this time, the water through the middle flap passes into the upper part of the cylinder, which is above the piston. When you lower the lever again, the jet goes into the branch pipe. It is located on the top, side. In the good old days of this type, a manual piston water pump was called a "column".

Types of pumps

When the groundwater is shallow, easy to dig upwell or well, about 7 meters deep. A manual water reciprocating pump is a reliable device with good performance. Just mounted.
Improved with two pistons mechanisms notThey have idle strokes, since they pump the liquid with any movement of the handle. Such pumps are used when filling barrels in garden areas, tanks for bath and shower. You can use them to pump water from the basement.

Hand Piston Water Pump

It is better to choose a cast iron body and pipes without plastic knots hand pump for water. The price is higher, but the design is easy to repair, it will serve forever.
The modifications of pumps for withdrawing water from an open basin and from a well may differ somewhat.

What to look for

  • What kind of water will be fed. Well, if it was clean, without sand, dirt. Perhaps it will be sea salted. For muddy water, a larger size of the fractions in the pump is provided.
  • What is the depth of the well. If the water is very deep from the surface of the earth, buy a deep submerged column.
  • For industrial or agricultural large-scale works, a more powerful manual water pump is required.

Hand pump for water. Price


A small pump weighing about 4 kg has suchmeasurement: 250 * 140 * 135. The water flow rate is 7-8 l / min. It is inexpensive - about 4000 rubles. There are more massive columns in 10, 15 kg, up to 30 and above. They pump the liquid at a speed of up to 100 liters per minute, the size, respectively, is larger and the price is 16,000-20,000 rubles. The water pressure in all equipment marks is the same - 25

Homemade device

For "Kulibin" nothing is worthwhile to makehand pump for water. The body is made of fire extinguisher OPG or a piece of pipe of a certain diameter. A piston of the appropriate size is selected, for example, 60-80 cm long, with a diameter of 80 mm. Covers fit metal or plastic, one season is enough and wooden. As an input pipe, a very rigid hose is necessary, which would not be squeezed when water is sucked. You can adjust the drive from the wind or put the external combustion engine and turn the pump manual for water into a semi-automatic. Such an assembly will cost you much less.