Wavy parrots are surprisingly cute andnice birds. They will bring with their merry twitter a fresh touch to the life of everyone who wants to give them some precious time. And after a busy day these birds will help to remove stress quickly and relax your soul.

how to distinguish the sex of a wavy parrot
Wavy Parrots

Birds live in nature in the Australiancontinent, where flutter among the crowns of trees noisy flocks. This species of parrots is the most numerous there. Among other species of parrots, wavy ones differ in small sizes, only 18 - 20 cm, and the bird's weight is some 40 - 45 grams. This kid seems very fragile, so when you get it, it's worth trying to find out everything about wavy parrots. Interesting are these birds with their extraordinary abilities to imitate. They can repeat different sounds, from mooing the cow to screaming seagulls. They are also capable of repeating human speech, especially if certain conditions are created. It is believed that from other domestic animals it is also distinguished by a sufficiently high intellect. These birds play with their owners with pleasure, because they are social creatures and very sociable. In addition, unlike animals such as dogs and cats, parrots can fly, which will bring a lot of joy to the whole family. In captivity, it is easy to achieve the reproduction of these birds, to create a family, the question becomes how to determine the sex of a wavy parrot.

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How to keep budgerigar

In order for the baby parrot to be comfortable inhouse, you need to properly equip it with housing. Usually it is a cage. It should be as spacious as possible, as space permits. In general, when choosing a place in the house where the cage of a cheerful bird will be, one should take into account not only the absence of drafts and direct sunlight. The fact that wavy parrots, thanks to their restless and cheerful disposition, a lot of litter. In addition, they will gnaw the wallpaper if they can reach them. Therefore, in order not to be disappointed, it is better just to prepare in advance. In addition to the cage, you need to get a perch for the bird, on which it can sit, a drinking bowl and a feeder. Decorate the dwelling of the baby is also a rocker, a mirror, a bell.

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How to distinguish the sex of a wavy parrot

It should be borne in mind that the conversation is faster learningmales. It is important to know the sex also if the reproduction of birds is expected. Well, for a pet you will need to pick up a nickname, which, of course, will also depend on whether the boy has you or a girl. But there is really no special problem here. How to distinguish the sex of a wavy parrot? It is necessary to look at the wax (the area directly above the beak of a bird with nasal apertures). In an adult male, it has a bright blue color, and in females - beige or brown. However, for such purposes as learning to talk, very young wavy parrots are acquired, the reproduction of which is possible only in the distant future. In these birds, the wax changes color, and the question of how to distinguish the sex of a wavy parrot causes difficulties. Certain assumptions about gender are beginning to be made only when the chicks reach the age of 3 weeks when whitish bleach begins to appear around the nostrils around the nipples. Later in girls, the color becomes light-beige, and is finally determined only after the moulting is over.

Wavy parrots are unpretentious and good-natured pets, which will give the owners many pleasant moments. And the question of how to distinguish the sex of a wavy parrot, sellers will help to solve.