Waiting for the baby is always trembling and gentlefeeling. At the same time, now the woman has in many ways to be more cautious and attentive. How much greater is the responsibility when the spouses learn that they will have not one, but two or even three children.

Multiple pregnancy: causes.

Multiple pregnancy is infrequent andimplies the bearing of two or more embryos at a time. The number of resulting embryos is affected by various factors. Until now, experts can not come to a common opinion on this issue. It is known that heredity is the determining factor, that is, if one of the partners in the family had twins or twins, the probability of their appearance in this generation is significantly increased. According to statistical data, multiple pregnancies more often please older women than young women. The fact is that with age in the female body begins to actively develop a hormone called gonadotropin. It promotes the removal of eggs from the ovary.

There is a multiple pregnancy atconducting in vitro fertilization. The program of treatment for infertility and artificial insemination includes the intake of medications with a high content of hormones. At the same time, a ready-made embryo is introduced into the uterus, from which several embryos can be obtained. As a rule, the number of fruits is reduced to one, in order to increase the chance for normal development.

It is customary to single out identical fruits and raznoyaytsovye. Twins are exactly identical, because they have the same set of genes and one blood group. Such babies are always born unisexual. Siamese twins refer to the same-eyed, just the egg began to separate at an inopportune moment. When fertilization of two or more eggs takes place, then different fruits arise. In this case, twins are born either of the same gender or different. And the blood group and children may be different. These children have a similar genotype, but not more than 60%.

When expecting a double miracle, it is necessary with a largerbe careful about your health, since the load on the body in this case is also double. Multiple pregnancy is examined by weeks. Its presence is detected with the help of ultrasound examination, but in the early stages it is impossible to give an accurate result, since the probability of error is high. Often, the second embryo is confused with tumors or other pathologies.

If the future mother has already had time to please, thenshould be prepared for the fact that the belly in the late term can not be called small. Two fetuses strongly stretch the uterus and abdomen, therefore, experts recommend to give up physical activity, in particular, sexual activity. The main motto of the next nine months should be rest. Sleep should be at least 8 hours a day, because in order to withstand such a huge load, the body needs regular rest and recovery.

Multiple pregnancy suggests thata woman greatly recover. But when waiting for twins, it is allowed to collect no more than 20 kilograms, so you should closely monitor the diet and the quality of the products used. The future mother needs to double the saturation of the body with useful substances that ensure the normal development of the fruit.

Do not worry much if the birth of childrenhappened beforehand. As practice shows, in most cases, with multiple pregnancies, premature birth occurs. But this will not affect the further well-being of children, because modern medicine is capable of providing vital activity to a baby born before the deadline.