Speaking of men, it should be noted that theyLess pretentious to gifts than women. Rather, they are less than the ladies, worried about the value of the gift. But they pay more attention to the practicality of the gift.

Such habitual, but unexpected ideas for a gift to a man

ideas for a gift to a man
Yeah, with a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates anda bottle of champagne for the celebration of the representative of the stronger sex so simply do not come up ... And the notorious socks, panties and shaving lotions, the men were ridiculed so that women refused to ever buy these items at all. So, you need to look for other ideas for a gift to a man, since such a problem has arisen. Although you can beat and panty-socks so that a man will appreciate these gifts. For example, if a bachelor is presented at once with 365 pairs of socks, neatly packed in a special suitcase with compartments, and cowards will be with a unique cool inscription, then such ideas for a gift to a man can even become a highlight of the holiday. Oh, what-what, and humor most of the stronger sex do not hold.

Gift Ideas for Men
Men love beautiful expensive gizmos

Some incorrectly believe that representatives ofstrong half of humanity does not want to look impressive and fashionable to dress. Therefore, it is very appropriate to present the man with luxurious cufflinks, expensive brand watches or even a precious ornament: a chain with a pendant, a ring or an earring, if he is not against this prospect. Ideas of gifts for a man can tell the consultants of jewelry stores. An original lighter or cigarette case to a smoker, a unique keychain will also be a pleasant gift for a young man. And it will be absolutely gorgeous to make an inscription on the subject of the engraver on the subject.

Ideas for a gift to a man. Make your own

ideas of original gifts
From a beloved man a man will beit is extremely pleasant to receive as a gift something that would store the warmth of his hands: a sewed-in bathrobe, a knitted sweater, a personally made unique table lamp, a lovingly prepared original cake in the form of a tent city or guitar. Of course, it is appropriate when such subjects are given to younger sisters and brothers, grandparents, a lady of the heart, who does not yet have her own income. But co-workers, especially subordinates, wealthy relatives and friends who have already taken place, do not resort to such tricks to one's face. Homemade can be offered in such cases as a pleasant addition to the main purchase gift.

Ideas of original gifts

The most expensive for a man will be a gift associated withhis dreams, attachments, hobbies. For example, a tourist should present a tent or an inflatable boat, a hunter with a gun or a hunting knife, a fisherman with tackles, a guitar player with a guitar, a bicycle helmet or a bicycle, a computer technician with a comfortable chair or a necessary gadget. The most important thing is to know exactly what the originator of the celebration would most like to receive. But if the donor does not possess such data, then it is possible to present the money - today it became actual. Only to do this need to be original, with fiction, and not just put a bill or an envelope with an amount of money in the hands of the gifted. You can wrap an envelope in many sheets of wrapping paper, and carry a "gift" with visible effort - let everyone say what is inside! You can hide money inside a kinder surprise or another chocolate figurine, pre-cut the hot knife with chocolate and sealed it after investing the bill. Just do not forget that the money must first be put in a bag, which is usually used by vendors of small things.