business card
Today there are a huge number of waysintroduce yourself, your team or company. So, you can create a website that in all colors will tell you about the advantages of this or that collective or person, you can, in the old way, paste it on the poles of the ad and tell you about yourself. But in an absolutely unique way, a simple business card can be briefly, succinctly and compactly presented to a person, his skills or company.

What it is

First you need to understand the concepts. The term "visiting card" is of foreign origin, but despite this, it has perfectly taken root in the post-Soviet space. This is one way of self-presentation of a person or his company. The business card contains a brief set of the most important information that a potential customer may need.


Make yourself a business card easily and hard at the same time. Nobody can easily come to the agency and order the right amount of these papers. But, wanting to get a quality product, you need to think through all the details. So, the business card has a standard size - 5x9 cm. By this standard, by the way, all business cardholders and cardholders have been developed. And on this small piece of paper you need to try to fit as much useful information as possible, as well as a company logo or a photo of a person. In our country, most business cards are bilateral, but European business etiquette does not allow this. It is believed that the reverse side of the business card should be clean, so that a person, if necessary, can record there the necessary or important, in his opinion, information.

business card of the family
Types of business cards

Wishing to make a business card, it is worthto understand that there are several types. First of all, this is a personal business card that gives information about this or that person. Obligatory in such business cards are name and contact details of the person - phone, site. A home address or position can be specified at will. This document can also display a family coat of arms or a photo of a person, but this is also not necessary.

The next type of business cards is business. These are the most common business cards. at business meetings or negotiations, you can not briefly leave information about your company differently. Here you specify the full name and contact details of the person who manages the firm or company, as well as the company name and logo.

Corporate business cards - the last view - more oftenall bilateral, they are used mainly at presentations as advertising. The provided text should contain as much information about the company as possible, contact details, even a map of travel is desirable.

team card

Personal business cards, as well as, for example, visitingfamily card, do not have a strictly approved form and can possess any design. Here you can decorate it as you please. But it is worth remembering the main rule that oversupply such documents is not worth it, because the main thing here is information that is important to the client. The business card of a team or an enterprise must correspond to a certain style that is characteristic of the company. These business cards are strict, least colorful and at the maximum informative.