wavy parrots how to determine the age

For a home zoo corner best suitedparrots. An ideal pet will be a cell grown and a captive specimen. The most reliable suppliers of such birds will be professional breeders or amateurs with a very good reputation. Today, the choice of many are wavy parrots. How to determine the age and sex of such birds, we will discuss further.

The price has always been and will be one of the most importantconditions when making any purchase. When choosing birds, it should be remembered that wavy parrots, whose age greatly affects the value, lose their ability to learn after a few years. That's why their price falls over time. In addition, their cost varies, depending on whether the bird can speak, tame it and how it behaves in human society. It is always worthwhile to be apprehensive when you hear too low a price. Most likely, an unscrupulous seller wants to sell a substandard product. You always need to know how to look healthy wavy parrots, how to determine the age and sex of these birds, how to check their vocabulary. If there are gaps in the knowledge necessary for bird selection, then it is always possible to use the services of professionals. In each city you can find a club of bird lovers, whose members will be happy to help in choosing a pet or will prompt contacts of reliable breeders.

wavy parrot how to know age

When acquiring a parrot, one should first of allfind out his age. Young birds are much easier to adapt to new conditions and faster become tame. In addition, up to four years of age, a parrot can be trained to talk, repeating after a person. After this boundary, the ability to learn from birds falls sharply.

Wavy parrot: how to know the age

wavy parrots age

After the first molt, determine exactly how many yearsparrot, very problematic. That is why all ornithologists advise buying these birds until this age. To determine it, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • short tail (it becomes normal length only to two months);
  • the ability to fly - all chicks know how to do this from the age of one month;
  • completely black eyes - adult birds have a white ring around the pupil;
  • black beak - all small parrots have a black mark on the beak, which disappears between the ages of one and a half to two months;
  • All feathers should be even, and their color - less contrast.

Anyone who wants to have such a friend at home,must know how to feed wavy parrots, how to determine the age and sex of the bird, what conditions are necessary for her life and many other trifles. Any birdwatcher or amateur parrots breeder can help to get answers to these questions.

Wavy parrot: how to know the sex

Affiliation to a particular sex is usually determined by the color of the wax. In a male, it is usually shiny, bright blue, while the female is usually brown or grayish-white.

Always need to understand that there is no more in naturefriendly creature than wavy parrots. How to determine the age and sex of these birds, you already know. It remains only to contact a licensed pet store and get yourself a positive and cheerful friend who can please you and your children for several decades.