Home parrots - birds are not only incrediblebeautiful, but also very smart. The popularity of these pets is easy to explain, for the maintenance does not require a lot of space and care is fairly simple. Wavy parrots are especially popular. How to tame a bird that has just appeared in your house? And is it possible to make friends with an adult?

The first days in the new house

Wavy parrots how to tame
If you bought a chick in a pet shop or a young onepoultry, do not immediately acquire a too large cage, let it be better than a small one. Place a new pet in a warm, quiet room, with moderate lighting and suitable humidity. Fill the trough and the drinking bowl, then try not to go close to the cage without extreme necessity. Do not worry, if the parrot is hammered into a corner - moving and changing the environment for him a lot of stress. The following days, change the feed without sudden movements, you can try to quietly talk with the bird. All these rules are also relevant for the transportation to a new place of adults, "brought up" individuals. Despite their fearfulness, the birds are very curious and smart enough - they are such, wavy parrots. How to tame a pet, you will eventually understand intuitively. As soon as the parrot lives in your house for a week, you can introduce it to the whole family. But do not bother the bird with attention, it will be better if people who do their own business are more likely to be present in the room where the cage is standing.

We establish contact

How to quickly tame a wavy parrot
The best way how to quickly tame the wavya parrot is constantly talking with him. Say hello to the pet when you come home, comment on your actions, or even tell something. Over time, you will notice that as soon as you approach the cage, the pet rushes to meet you. Encourage him for the desire to communicate and treat something edible. It is advisable to even keep a treat in hand while the bird tries it. Once you have it, open the cage and ask the bird to go beyond it, and also to taste the food from your palm. Whether the pet will be tame from the first time, but to try to treat it this way is still worth it. There is a similar way how to tame an adult wavy parrot. First you need to teach the bird to eat with you, then with your hands, and later the pet will gladly sit on your arms and shoulders during flights.

Wavy parrots: how to tame and teach to talk

The easiest way to teach a parrotis the regular repetition of a word or phrase. But remember, the more a bird will trust you, the more successful the training will be. If the pet is often left alone, leave it on the radio or TV. Interesting fact - feathers much more like voices of children and women, rather than representatives of the stronger sex.

How to Train an Adult Wavy Parrot
It is believed that a bird who has learned at least oneword, will be able to learn further all life. Some owners of such pets boast that their pets know up to hundreds of different words. Curiously, some individuals say even whole phrases and moments it seems that they are doing it consciously, and parrots are capable of this! How to tame a chick and make friends with an adult bird you now know, which means that, perhaps, the pet will please you once with such miracles.