Bedding made of bamboo is an innovationtextile production. To the touch it resembles a soft silk cloth, but it does not have the shine of an atlas. Most often bedding from bamboo is packed in a brand-name beautiful package, in which it can be presented to friends and relatives, and it will be an excellent gift. Usually fabrics, from which this linen is sewn, give a bright, with oriental motifs, color.

bed linen of bamboo

Studies have shown that bamboo underwear has many advantages:

- it is soft, as the bamboo fiber itself, from which it is made, is more delicate than cotton and close to silk in quality;

- has antimicrobial properties and does not cause irritation; it contains the "bamboo kun" component, due to which the propagation of harmful microorganisms is prevented;

- it creates comfortable conditions for sleep, since bamboo fiber has a porous structure and absorbs moisture, and also evaporates it;

- Bamboo bedding is quite strong, as natural fiber has high strength for textiles;

- it is natural and environmentally friendly, because it is raw materials from which bed linen is made, bamboo grows in ecologically clean areas, in its biology.

This is the fastest growing plant, it does not require any fertilizers to accelerate its development.

underwear made of bamboo

Bamboo fiber is actually made frombamboo. For this purpose, the shavings and sawdust of the young raw plant's wood are treated with a strong alkali solution. Thus, the cellulose structure is softened and transformed into an adhesive mass. It is squeezed out through minute holes of no more than 30 μm in diameter made in special plates made of stainless steel or precious metals into an acid solution. In it, the cellulosic yarns solidify. Then they are washed with water and dried. These threads have a porous structure and villi. This explains the hygroscopicity of the bamboo canvas.

As a result of the research, it was found thatmost microorganisms die on the surface of material from bamboo fiber, and over time this effect does not weaken. Washing does not affect it either. Bamboo grows very fast, at a speed of 15-20 m per month. Deforestation without damage to the topsoil to produce wood for raw materials does not cause damage to the environment, as they are quickly renewed. It is not necessary for such a rapidly growing plant species and the use of various chemicals. Therefore, the production of bamboo cloth is quite inexpensive. As a result, there is an affordable, environmentally friendly, natural, bamboo cloth with hygroscopic and antibacterial properties on sale.

bedding bamboo
Not only do they make a beautiful canvas, but alsomake fillers for pillows and blankets. There is a shortage of bamboo fiber, consisting of low tensile strength, especially in wet form. Therefore, the fabrics are made mixed, for example, cotton plus bamboo fiber. The latter gives such tissues softness. Bamboo bedding is a product made from the most amazing plant on our planet. After all, bamboo, like a banana - not a tree, but the most huge cereal on Earth, the closest relative of wheat and barley.