The hall is a business card of the apartment, because thereTake guests and celebrate the solemn events. Therefore, every detail of the furnishings of this room is so important for the perception of the overall picture. Correctly selected curtains can support the general idea of ​​interior design, create a style and give a solemn appearance to the room. Even an absolutely empty room with curtains looks cozy.

lambrequins in the hall
For this reason, the choice of curtains for the living roomshould be treated very responsibly. Many things depend on them in the room. Curtains and beautiful lambrequins for the hall can expand the space, as well as visually reduce the room in volume. Sometimes they create an atmosphere of mystery, gloomily falling down in heavy folds, and sometimes their airiness and brightness cast a playful mood.

The ideal way to choose the curtains is"Fitting" of several options. But, of course, this method is often not available. Therefore, by enlisting the support of your sense of style, you should carefully consider each wrinkle on the fabric.

beautiful lambrequins for the hall
First of all, one should understand that it is not worth chasingfor the models presented in various printed sources as fashionable. Probably not all these curtains or lambrequins in the hall of your apartment will look. When selecting textiles, one should be guided not by fashion, but by style. Furniture, curtains and accessories, presented in the same stylistic orientation, will successfully transform the room.


Easy to use and ideal to useoption can be called classic curtains with drapery. And lambrequins in the hall can be contrasted with curtains of color or decorated with fringe. The combination of fabric-companions will give a special piquancy to the whole interior. Thus, despite the apparent standard of such a commonplace subject as curtains, a variety of shades, textures and shapes, it is possible to express any design idea.

High tech

Lambrequins in the hall are possible even in the style of high-tech. The main thing when creating such an interior is to choose the appropriate fabric that meets the requirements of the chosen orientation. Of course, we are talking about monochrome materials with a glossy effect, sometimes with interlacing of metallized filaments. As a rule, curtains are flat without folds. Lambrequin can have a simple geometric texture.

lambrequins for the hall prices


For Provencal style or country lambrequins inhall - a self-evident requirement. But for such interiors are characterized by lightweight natural fabrics of pastel tones. Designer idea in the style of Provence implies the fullness of natural sunlight. Therefore, the fabric for curtains should gently pass the sun's rays. Traditional for this style are "paisley" prints and floral motifs.

Curtains are able to set the mood of the whole room. And to make the chosen style complete, to emphasize sophistication and to fill with solemnity the lambrequins for the hall will help. Prices are available, start at about 200 rubles per running meter, but sometimes can reach 7,000. Using this decoration allows you to correctly place stylistic accents.