For a long time already, pet parrots have become pets in our apartments. But do we know enough about them to take on this responsibility?

how many live wavy parrots in the home

How many live wavy parrots in the homeconditions? What does he like and how to take care of him? Let's try to understand. In general, this species is considered to come from Australia. This continent they settled everywhere. Prefer birds live among the grassy plains, but perfectly adapt to the mountain and forest areas. The main criterion for the habitation of a wavy parrot is the presence of food. They prefer feathered fruits and seeds. Therefore, they, like sparrows, can often be found in a city park or garden.

Parrots live in large flocks. When the night is approaching, the pack retires to a suitable place for the night. In the morning the birds break into small groups and fly to find food and water. Periods of drought become very difficult for parakeets. A solid flock can fly tens of kilometers in search of a stop and water.

types of domestic parrots

In general, parrots are long-livers. How many live wavy parrots at home? The answer is uniquely very difficult. Everything depends on the proper care of the birds. The closer the conditions to natural, the longer the pets live (from 5 to 20 years). Other types of domestic parrots for wavy - not enemies. They perfectly get along together. This is a very friendly bird, never offending the weak.

In the natural nature of parrots nest inhollow, sometimes in cracks of rocks. Courting the male for the female takes place in the foliage of the trees, so little has been learned. Male toots are not very loud, chirping melodiously and quite beautifully. After courtship, the couple looks for a place for the nest, and the female settles in a new house. In the period of laying eggs (usually up to 6 pieces) the male feeds a girlfriend. When the chicks appear, they are fed by both parents. They digest food and belch it out of the goiter. At the age of 35-50 days, babies are already able to leave the nest, and in 8-10 months - to bring their offspring.

How many live wavy parrots in the homeconditions, depends on the diet. At large, their cuisine is diverse. They eat fruits and seeds of many plants, rhizomes, foliage of trees and young twigs. But they catch parrots on love for palm juice. Hunters make an incision on the tree and collect the juice in suspended cups. In a large number of parrots flock to such a bait, they drink liquids and get drunk. It only remains for the hunters to collect the fallen from the ground unconscious.

large parrots

In captivity birds quickly get used to the "home"food. In addition to cereals, parrots eat with pleasure a cottage cheese, a chopped chicken egg. But it depends on the plant food, how many live wavy parrots in the home. Very fond of birds are apples, carrots and beets. You need to give and citrus. From soft food - porridge, cooked without salt, sugar and milk. The constant availability of fresh water in the cage is a must!

There is one more advice that you needstick regardless of who your pets are: large parrots, small wavy, canaries. Always rinse the purchased grain mixture, no matter how beautiful the packaging. Stored in warehouses, grain is sprinkled with poison from rodents. Inside the product, the poison does not penetrate, but the outer shell of the grains is covered by a considerable amount of it. You'll just be slowly killing your pet day by day. Remember that we are responsible for those who have tamed.