You want to have a pet - affectionate,loving, faithful, handsome. The cat as an option disappears at once - everyone knows that it by itself and will definitely not, looking in the eyes, jump up with joy, that the leader of the pack returned home. Hamsters and small fishes are especially not suitable - unless you take them with you on a trip, you will lead out to take a walk? Yes, and they are some kind of dumb.

Yorkshire Terrier

In all respects the dog would have approached, but whatA breed to choose? Places in the apartment are not very many, so you need one that does not get stuck in the doorway and at night does not drop your beloved host from the bed to the floor. It would be desirable, that thus it was also beautiful, cheerful and naughty. Such a dog exists - it's a Yorkshire terrier! Now we will talk more about it.

Yorkshire Terrier: reviews and recommendations

This dog will suit both the family in which there is a child, and a man of advanced years, and a glamorous lady. His shiny currant eyes and nose-button can melt the heart of anyone!

yorkshire terrier reviews
The Yorkshire Terrier dog has an inexhaustibleenergy, cheerful disposition, easily coexists with other domestic pets. But before you buy it, you should check out some of the rules for keeping york. So, an adult dog needs to be fed twice a day, and it is forbidden to mix natural food and dry food. The digestive system of dogs of this breed is rather delicate, therefore it is strictly forbidden for them to give raw eggs, salt, sausage and sausages, bony fish, spicy and fatty, pasta, potatoes and sweets. But the fresh water in the drinking bowl should be constantly.

Yorkshire Terrier dog
Weighs york less than three kilograms, and looksvery effectively. There is a whole catalog of haircuts and accessories invented for this dog! They are dressed in elegant clothes, shod in tiny slippers, weave bows in the hairstyles ... Many really like the Yorkshire terrier, reviews about these dogs are an indisputable proof of this fact. After reading one of them, you, for sure, will come across a flurry of positive emotions associated with this breed.

They are mobile, active, easily amenabletraining and - oh joy! - Do not completely shed! They can be accustomed to the cat's tray, then you will not need to walk the dog so often, because she can do all her business at home.


That's what he is, an almost perfect Yorkshire terrier. The reviews of his lucky owners also contain simple recommendations for caring for the dog. Yorkies need to regularly clean their ears and teeth, and wipe their eyes with a wet cotton swab. Wool on the face should be combed so that it does not stop the dog from seeing the surrounding world.

Yorkshire Terrier
A small puppy in the early days of your home needssupport and attention. Let him get comfortable, show his place. At first try to avoid noisy games with him - let him get used to unfamiliar smells, sounds, feel safe. And he in return will pay you a loyal friendship!


Probably, no one has yet said anything bad about such a breed as the Yorkshire Terrier, the reviews are irrefutable evidence. This little doggie is the perfect pet for the family.