At such a time of the year as summer there are manyundeniable advantages. One of them is a warm quiet evening, which is so pleasant to spend together with your friends in a gazebo or on a bench. If it were not for the mosquito squeak, such a fertile time would be a real idyll ... These infamous insects can easily ruin a walk in the forest or a picnic by the sea. However, those who carry a fumigator on batteries "Raptor", once again there is nothing to worry about. With the help of this useful invention, you can make your vacation much more enjoyable.

battery fumigator

Need protection against mosquitoes? Use the fumigator!

Battery life is now hugedevices. Finally, the producers guessed to equip them with a fumigator. The name of this device comes from the Latin word fumigare, which literally means "smoke", "fumigated". The fumigator on batteries destroys harmful insects with harmful fumes or poisonous vapors. The stationary device works when connected to a power outlet and is able to secure only the room in which it is connected. The mobile fumigator on batteries operates on the same principle: a special plate is laid in it, which, when heated, gives off harmless to humans, but deadly for insects couples. The prices for such a device are quite democratic ($ 10-15), and one record may well suffice for a month of work.

How safe and effective is the battery fumigator?

fumigator from mosquitoes on batteries

A plate that fits inside a portabledevice, contains a neuromuscular parenteral agent based on permethrin, allethrin or pyrethrin. All these compounds are synthetic analogues of the natural substance of pyrethrum, which is contained in the Caucasian chamomile. Naturally, the concentration of toxic substances in the plate is low (less than 1%), and the use of electrosprayers is allowed by the Ministry of Health. And yet it is worth noting that a fumigator on batteries in some people can cause an allergic reaction, and if a person is too sensitive to the effects of pyrethroids, a long time of operation of the device can lead to the appearance of asthma. In domestic animals, this substance can cause aggressive behavior, hyperactivity and twitching of the limbs. All this leads to the thought that you should not abuse the operation of the device. Manufacturers advise in closed rooms to use such a device for no more than 3 hours in a row, and in the open space - no more than 8-10 hours. As for the efficiency of work, the fumigator from mosquitoes on batteries is more effective than repellents, and the result of the work though not noticeable immediately, but in 5-10 minutes, but much longer than the effect of the same sprays or lotions.

battery fumigator
The radius of the safe zone can be from 5 to 15meters. At the same time, do not forget that in windy weather the effect will be significantly less. In addition, the fumigator's work is directly related to the quality of the interchangeable plates. Recently, fakes have started to occur frequently, so it is advisable to purchase such devices in reliable, long-established places.