The key to parrot health is good food. Buying it for birds, approach this issue very responsibly. It must be of the highest quality. Breeders of these excellent birds are always worried about the question of how to properly buy food for parrots. At its purchase, it is necessary to look, that the bag was well sealed. It is better if the package is hermetically sealed and sealed in polyethylene.

parrot food

Food for parrots, packed in cardboardbox, take is undesirable. It is possible that it is qualitative, but sometimes it could be a long time in the warehouse. Try to give preference to only one company that produces food for parrots. Birds after changing the usual ingredients of food can have a digestive disorder.

It is necessary that the food for wavy parrots bebalanced, containing all the necessary nutrients. Be sure to observe the correct proportions. If the birds are fed wrong, this can lead to their early death. When they eat right, they can live a long time and will certainly give a beautiful offspring of healthy and beautiful parrots.

parrot feed

When feeding wavy parrots,Their cell was always clean water, as it is the main part of the animal body. In addition to the usual type of food, birds need to give extra food every day. It should be an important source of vitamins.

This is especially important in the period of nesting andfeeding of pets. At this point, their nutritional needs are significantly increased. An additional type of food is usually the leaves and stems of grass. It can be: salad, dandelion, alfalfa, clover and young sprouts of green grass.

To ensure that in winter food for parrots wasmore diverse, and they could eat the newly grown sprouts of cereals, you can plant the seeds in boxes with fertile soil. They can be: millet, oats or canary seed. Water them with warm water, and your pets will be provided with your favorite food.

Do not forget to accustom the parrots to eat berries andfruit. Feed the animals with the egg mixture. She is very nutritious. To cook it, you need to boil the egg hard, crush it, add breadcrumbs and rubbed raw carrots. According to the consistency of the mixture should be in the form of crumbly cottage cheese. Using the egg mixture for feeding, you will certainly get a beautiful and healthy generation of parrots. Do not give the birds a large amount of grain mixture.

parrot feed composition

The daily ration is equal to the portioning trough. If the food for parrots is saturated with fats, the body will start producing bile and gastric juice. As a result of inflammation of the intestinal mucosa and the bird will begin diarrhea.

At budgerigars of the day diet of the mixtureshould be in the volume of up to 50 grams. This rate depends on the size of the pet: medium, small or large. Food for parrots composition should have a variety. It must be changed once a month.

Give extra food every morning. Only proper care for this species of birds and proper nutrition will allow them to develop well and bring offspring.