Bed linen can be referred to the category of thingsfirst necessity. In each house there should be at least three or four sets of accessories for sleep. Many mistresses when choosing sheets and pillowcases reflect on what bedding is the best. To find the answer to this question, you need to know what materials sew accessories for the bed, to study all the pros and cons of each kind of fabric. This is what we will talk about in this article.

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We choose bed linen. Which is better?

These accessories are made from many types of fabric. But the most important criterion in choosing clothes is the naturalness of the material. Today you can find synthetic products on the markets. They look beautiful, it's cheap, but they feel slippery and unpleasant to the touch. Sleeping on such a bed is just torture. The sheet and duvet cover will slip all the time from the bed to the floor, and you will not get any pleasure and rest from sleep. Therefore, it is better to spend one time, but to buy quality bed linens.

Which is better, from what fabric? We study information about materials

  • Chintz. Pleasant to the touch, relatively inexpensive, easy to care for. The disadvantage of this tissue is that it wears out quickly.
  • Calico. Dense material that serves a long time. During washing does not shed. With it quickly and well washed away the dirt. This fabric can be boiled.
  • Flannel. Remember the children's diaper. Agree, it's nice, if you have the same soft and soft bedding on your bed. For winter it's a great option. In the care of such a fabric is unpretentious, serves a long time. The minus of this material is that with prolonged use the pile rolls out, the sheets become like a gauze cloth.
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  • Mahra. Warm, soft, pleasant to the touch fabric, which is easily washed and dries quickly. Is not it an ideal option for the cold season? On linen from mahry you will be cozy and comfortable.
  • Linen. What bedding is better? The reviews of many people indicate that the accessories made from this kind of fabric are the best in many respects. Such a product helps maintain body hygiene, absorbing sweat and suppressing the development of pathogenic microflora. In addition, linen fabric is environmentally friendly material. People with allergies are shown to sleep exactly on such a bed. Today, accessories of linen of the header type are especially popular. This fabric keeps the shape well, it is easy to wash and does not require ironing.
  • Silk. Bedding of this material is different manufacturers. Japan, Turkey, China - these are the most popular countries that produce such bed linens. Which is better? Stop your choice in Japanese underwear. He sleeps comfortably and comfortably. The fabric is pleasant to the touch, lets in air, keeps the heat well. Some effort on your part will require the care of this material. It is washed only with hands, dried in the shade and patted in a gentle mode.
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We hope that presented to your attentionThe information helped to understand what kind of bed linen could be. Which is better, it's a matter of taste and preferences of everyone. Sleep accessories made from natural fabrics are always pleasant to the body, easy to take care of, sleep on them will always be strong and healthy. We think that you understand what kind of material you do not need to buy linen from. Synthetics is synthetics. Good luck with your choice!