Non-state pension fund "Soglasie" onThe market of insurance services functioned since 1994, and over this time more than 176 thousand people became its clients. Since 2010, in addition to pension agreements, OAO NPF Soglasie has provided insurance and indexing services for future accumulations under the OPS. How did this happen? In 2011, the yield of APF Soglasie was the highest in the country - over 33%. In 2015, the company terminated its pension and insurance operations as a result of the cancellation of the license by the Central Bank. Until then, the client's comments about the activities of the company "Soglasie" (NPF) were negative due to the excessively commercial policy of the management, the main purpose of which was only the sale of insurance products.

Information about the company

For 22 years of experience in the pension and insurance marketservices company APF "Soglasie" has gained wide popularity among customers and among competitors due to the active policy of the firm to conclude new contracts. Pension savings of depositors were protected by the deposit insurance system, that is, customers had a guarantee of 100% recovery of the funded part when they retired.

For all time of existence of the organization more than 176thousands of people transferred their savings to NPF Soglasie. The address of the company (head office of Moscow), the official website and additional offices from 2015 to the present, do not respond to customer requests and are not relevant. It is worth pondering why it happened.

consent npf reviews

Despite the fact that last year the APFThe "consent" license was already withdrawn, as of the end of 2014, 29 people managed to receive payments under the agreement of the TSO in the amount of 858.61 thousand rubles. Under contracts providing indexation of additional insurance premiums on non-government provision, payments were made to 1,168 clients in the amount of over 3,170,000 rubles.

One-time payments, taking into account the highindexation represent the fulfillment of obligations to depositors, and in the framework of activities this is almost a unique case for the firm, since in the majority of its reviews about the "consolations" of the company "Soglasie" (NPF), the reviews of investors are far from flattering.

Participation in ranking of expert agencies

Taking part in the ratings of independentexpert services, companies rely on the fact that they can confirm their solvency and the ability to respond to obligations to depositors. In addition, a high level speaks of a stable financial position and increases the loyalty of the clients of the fund and potential insurers, who are more likely to turn to a trusted organization.

In 2014, an influential ranking firm"Expert RA" awarded APF "Soglasie" a high reliability rating - A. The following year, this indicator was confirmed until the fund was revoked a license to provide pension services. The basis for such a decision of the Central Bank, as a rule, is a gross violation of the terms of the pension insurance contract by the fund - insufficient financial coverage to ensure future payments to depositors who entrusted indexation of the company's pension savings, complaints from clients, untimely transfer of information about the firm's activities.

The fund's policy, which provides for activeincrease in customers, was directly aimed at attracting new investors by any means, due to what about NPF "Soglasie" reviews mostly negative.

Private office of NPF "Soglasie"

Unlike other funds providinginformation to depositors only on personal visits to the office or by e-mail, the non-state fund "Soglasie" has a remote access channel to the state of pension savings of the client - "Pension terminal" of the depositor.

npf customer reviews

In order to find out more information aboutpension savings, the client must register at the NPF's website, filling in the necessary data about himself (full name, passport, SNILS, etc.). After registration, the client can receive information on the status of the account online. In addition, the user can connect an SMS-message, which will notify you about each new receipt of funds and change of account. The depositors, who transferred the funded part of the card to the entrance to the Pension Terminal from the fund, are satisfied with the service. This is a rare case when the clients' reviews were of an advisory nature about the activities of OAO NPF Soglasie.

Opinion from within. Work in APF Soglasie

Work in any large company that is activeis engaged in sales of products to the population, primarily aimed at making profits and increasing the number of new customers. Non-state pension funds are no exception.

On the Internet, in addition to the complaints of defrauded depositors,You can also find comments from former employees of APF Soglasie. Employees' feedback on the firm's activities coincides with the opinion of the clients - a strict policy of attracting, increasing the number of sales of insurance policies of TSOs and NGOs by any means (including using deception), unconditional fulfillment of target figures. According to the comments of managers and insurers, the management of the company was indifferent to everything, except for the design of new products. Neither health problems nor family circumstances were mitigating circumstances in the event of non-fulfillment of sales for APF Soglasie.

Reviews of agents are unanimous: work in the company was intense, requiring stress-resistance, impudence, the ability to promote the service even to those clients who were not interested in its design and explicitly stated this. In addition to the heavy internal atmosphere - constant delays with payments and bonuses for concluded contracts, lack of guarantees and support from the leadership, moral dissatisfaction with their activities.

Prohibited reception, or How the APF "Consent" has expanded the client flow

Since 2010 (from the beginning of active sales of newproducts and duties of agents to carry out high plans for the promotion of insurance policies) and to the present time there are comments on the Internet by contributors, whom fraudsters were forced to transfer pension contributions to OPS and NGOs to Soglasie (APF). Reviews of deceived people about the promised harmony of the company with clients with surprising similarity repeat each other and have an extremely negative color.

oao npf agreement reviews

As an honest way to attract the necessarythe number of clients who were ready to transfer to an unfamiliar company with an opaque policy did not work, the most active agents developed a special plan that had a huge commercial success for the firm, but was a direct deception for new participants in the program. The essence of the idea was as follows: insurance agents, under the guise of employees of the Pension Fund, made a bypass detour, forcing the owners to issue a special card for entering the Personal Cabinet of the Russian Federation. According to the legend, this "pass" for the site was obligatory in the FIU branch to get all customers, and for a long time, but for some reason this was not implemented. After that, the client is provided with a package of documents for signing, allegedly confirming the issuance of this card, and the fund's employees sought to put the contracts in the most unsuitable or inconvenient moment for the depositor, so that he did not have the opportunity to study it. Having received the desired signature, the agents sought to hide as soon as possible.

As a consequence - a copy of the contract (and then it was issuednot all customers) with the fund, the employee's telephone number, the feeling of deceit and disappointment, and negative statements about the activities of the company "Soglasie" (reviews on forums and websites about pension provision of Russian citizens).

Another legend - lying job

In addition to the stories of defrauded investors about howthey were given contracts on transferring to APF directly from their apartment, on the Internet there is a huge amount of comments on the topic of an unsuccessful job, when they received a request to transfer to APF Soglasie when they received the package of documents. Customers' opinions are unanimous: welcome reception, prompt preparation of documents allegedly confirming employment, the promised "golden mountains". And instead of all this - an application for transfer under the OPS program to a non-state pension fund.

oao npf agreement

In other words, this is a new scheme of fraud,which is based on the desire of potential employees to choose a suitable option for them (since in the advertisement only the favorable conditions of employment are indicated). As a rule, clients' doubts about the correctness of their actions arise almost immediately after leaving the office, when in their hands is the notorious agreement with NPF Soglasie. The reviews are so similar to each other that there is no doubt about the fact that this was not just an isolated case, but a developed strategy for attracting new investors does not arise.

How did the agents receive copies of the documents from the client for transfer to APF Soglasie?

Considering the activities of APF Soglasie, reviewspeople who are served in this non-public fund, you can find that everything indicates that when entering into contracts with the company, agents took photographs of documents on their mobile phone in order to conclude a contract with a new client as soon as possible. That is, the depositor had only a few minutes to realize what was happening, and if during this short period he did not have time to figure out what he was signing, the cumulative part of future contributions was transferred operatively to the APF office, and after confirmation by the client (who called the SMS code to the operator, also especially not understanding what is happening) finally turned into a non-state pension management company.

How is the transition from the FIU to the non-state company "Soglasie" carried out?

After signing the documents confirmingtransfer under the agreement of NSOs in NPFs, many investors were worried about the question of during what period and how the final transfer to another fund is effected. For all private organizations (management companies, non-state funds, including "Soglasie" (NPF), whose reviews indicate insufficient awareness of clients about the procedure for transferring the funded part of the pension), the same rule and method of pension transfer apply: after the sending of contracts signed client, and copies of his documents within a few days prior to the participant in the TSO program, the operator must call the operator and ask for confirmation of the desire to change the fund. As a confirmation it will be necessary to specify once more the document data (SNILS and passports) and a special code that comes in the form of an SMS message after the manager enters the information about the new client.

npf agreement reliability rating

Without personal confirmation or in case of refusalprovide the necessary information, the funded part of the employee's pension will remain in the previous fund. However, information on unprecedented cases of transfer to another APF without mandatory notification is published on the Internet, which (if the client disagrees) is a violation by the beneficiary company and can be considered as fraudulent actions. Transition in this way can be carried out only in the case of compromising customer data and fraud of insurance agents, indicating their SIM card or any other available number (obviously not belonging to the depositor himself) as the phone number to which the notice should come.

Non-State Fund "Accord": termination of the contract

Customers whose insurance agents are fraudulentforced to transfer their pension savings from one fund to another, after realizing what happened, they are immediately interested in questions about how to withdraw from OAO NPF "Soglasie", how to terminate the agreement on transfer to APF.

Before you panic and spill out the negative onemployees of the CALL-center, the investor must make sure in which pension fund his savings are now located. For this it is necessary to call the free hotline of the FIU by phone and dictate the data of the documents (passport and SNILS). As a rule, transfer to APF can be carried out only after the participant confirms the program, which should name the code from the SMS message and the relevant information (except for the above cases of fraud by NPF employees). If no notification has been received on the client's phone, or when he called a specialist, he refused to transfer, the cumulative part of future pension contributions will remain in the previous fund.

npf consent license

If the customer still managed to confirm the transition,then its deductions will be transferred to the management company from the 1st quarter of the next year, and until the end of the time period, they will be indexed taking into account the profitability of the operating company. Accordingly, after confirmation, if there is a reluctance to transfer to a new fund, you need to contact the FIU office to transfer your savings back by writing a statement. However, it should be taken into account that at the beginning of the first quarter of the next year, the application that was received first will be accepted. Accordingly, there is a risk of moving to another company if the application is not sent in time. In addition, under the law, Russian citizens have the right to change the pension fund not more than once a year.

So, you want to break all relations with APF"Consent"? How to terminate the contract, the following information will prompt: you can make a refund of the funded part (subject to a recent term of imprisonment) by applying to the official website of the company. However, in connection with the revocation of the license, the page of the fund on the web is not updated, accordingly, this way of transition to date is not relevant.

APP "Soglasie": as a "good company" collapsed

Wishing to receive a good increase to the pension,the working population of the country, which is actively interested in the state of its account with the FIU, has been trying since 2006 to increase future state payments. Transition to NPF for many clients is the only way out to receive decent benefits and not limit oneself to financial expenses in old age.

APF Soglasie at the initial stages of itsthe main priority of development was customer satisfaction with the quality of service and a guarantee of high profitability. Indeed, this indexation (over 30% per annum) could not boast of any pension fund of the country. However, as a result, the desire to receive more than give away has overcome the "right" ways of development and has led to the fact that contracts for the transfer of pension began to be in huge quantities. The company's profit grew, the number of participants increased exponentially, but few of them made the transition to the APF at their own will.

Negative, disappointment and absolute disagreement withfraudulent principles of the work of agents led to the fact that the index of customer dissatisfaction was constantly increasing, and as a result, more and more confirmatory information appeared on the websites. Reviews deceived customers on the Web continue to appear and now, as the activities of the fund has become widespread. Who is to blame for this situation?

yield npf agreement

First, to conclude contracts in a hugequantity, regardless of the reluctance of customers, insurance agents obliged management, which, in their opinion, set ambitious goals, motivating employees with premium and additional bonuses. But in practice it turned out the opposite - agents were deceived by their own firm, which repeatedly allowed delays in calculating wages and unreasonable refusals in payments.

Secondly, the huge competition in the marketpension services often leads to the fact that non-state funds are forced to work on the principle that "the strongest survive", therefore, in order to stay afloat, they are trying to outrun their rivals by concluding corporate pension programs to entire organizations or by offering fabulous terms (extraordinary yield, additional contributions at the expense of the firms, employment).

Working population, who is not indifferent tothe fate of their future social contributions, now it is necessary to take care of the company in which the pension will be located. And when choosing a fund, special attention should be paid to the firm's experience, reliability rating, customer reviews and their total number. It is not necessary to be "silent", fearing to remain without a pension in the future - the state guarantees the safety of contributions with the help of the insurance system, and the level of profitability of the FIU is much lower than that of NPFs.

However, you should not succumb to the swindler's tricks,which ultimately became agents of APF Soglasie, and sign documents in a hurry, without studying or in case of doubt about the integrity of the manager. The loss of accrued interest and circulation at instances is not the most pleasant, and it is not difficult and time-consuming to apply independently, having studied all aspects and peculiarities of the non-state fund's activities.