The choice of place of work is not so simple. Recently there are not the most conscientious employers. They constantly deceive their subordinates, delay wages and so on. Therefore, before you get employed in this or that company, you have to study the numerous opinions of working staff about the corporation. What does GorPhoto get from employees? What should I look for before I start my job here?

feedback from our staff


The first thing you need to know exactly where you are settling. More precisely, in which specific area of ​​activity is the corporation engaged. It is noted that the "Gorfoto" is extremely clear.

Already from the name of the organization you can understand thatthe company renders photo services. And it's not just private photography that conducts, but also participates in large-scale events of cities. For example, it is Gorfoto that usually photographs children in schools. Everything is very clear. For this "Gorfoto" reviews of employees (Moscow or other cities - no matter where the company is located) earns positive. No shadow activity, no deception.


Jobs for employment here is also complete. They are all diverse, but somehow related to photo services. You can find yourself something to taste. Yes, there are usually no leading positions, but there is a prospect of career growth. Most often, companies need:

  • coordinating managers;
  • photographers in the office;
  • photographers with their cars.

As you can see, everything is very simple and understandable. Another plus for which the company "Gorfoto" reviews employees is extremely positive - low requirements for subordinates. Photographers may not have experience at all. Especially if you have your own car. Your portfolio is not so important for this employer. The main thing is that you are over 18 years old. Only adults are employed here.

reviews of employees in moscow


Interviewing is an important point to look out for. It is during this time that the employer decides how suitable you are to the firm. And you can conclude that the corporation is conscientious.

As such, there is no interview. For this "GorPhoto" employee feedback is ambiguous. After all, someone believes that this phenomenon serves as a guarantee of employment in a bona fide organization. The conversation with the recruiting manager here resembles a friendly conversation, on which all the positive aspects of "GorPhoto" are painted. You are literally lured here. Will be told about the high earnings, and prospects for career growth, and how easy and easy it is to work here, and about a full social package. All that is so necessary for applicants!

First days

Company "Gorfoto" staff reviewsa diverse type of gets in the first days, which are conducted here by applicants. It is noted that from the very beginning of the probationary period (a month is mandatory), some discontent begins.

For example, you have to get up very early. "Gorfoto" often works from 8:00 to 15-16: 00. Coming to the office will have to 7 am to prepare the equipment and prepare yourself for the shoot. If you do not have your own car, you will have to drive your own way to the customer. Already in the early days it turns out that nobody will pay you any money. Everything is just out of pocket.

feedback from the staff of Nizhny Novgorod

At the end of the working day it will be clear thatstay in the office will not be up to put 3-4 hours of the day, and until 7-8 pm. Of course, no one else will pay you such work. The schedule of work here is not standardized, which forces some to refuse employment. Coordinators do not always explain the customer's location intelligibly. These are small flaws, but many make them think about the integrity of the organization.

Attention: fraud

"Горфото" employee reviews (Nizhny Novgorod,Moscow, Peter - it does not matter in which city you want to find a job, the situation is the same everywhere) receives not the best content for many moments slipping in the process of work.

Some note that officiallyfind a job here is almost impossible. Only if you can defend your rights to this. Earnings are delayed, sometimes for several months. The trial period is not paid. This rule applies to frames that have not passed the test, and those who coped with the tasks.

By the way, for the earnings of LLC "Gorfoto" reviewsemployees gets negative. After all, they are deceiving at the interview. Initially, they promise a high income with a more or less normalized schedule (from 20-25 thousand rubles), but in practice you will get up to 8000. At the same time it does not matter how much work was done by you personally. About a month or two you can stop giving orders. Then the salary will be only a salary of 5 thousand rubles (sometimes more). Also upsetting the presence of a "gray" salary. This is reflected in sick and sick leave not in the best way.

company gorfoto employee feedback

All of the above is noted by the staff at thevarious sites-otzovik. There are no confirmations of these phenomena, but the negative occurs more often than positive opinions. This is a good reason to reflect on the integrity of the organization.

Place of work

A special attention is required for the place of work in the"GorPhoto". It does not matter in which city you are going to find a job, almost the same working conditions everywhere. They please, if you do not take into account the violation of the established schedule of work and lack of transportation fees.

You can work in the offices of the organization, andexit points. As a rule, in GorPhoto, employees' reviews of affiliates are positive - everywhere it is light, comfortable, clean and cozy. Visiting points are most often schools. Especially for the New Year and graduation days. Working with a large flow of people, particularly children, is very difficult, but it's worth it. In schools, you can even be offered a free lunch. These facts are often emphasized by workers.

Instead of concluding

You can see that "GorPhoto" employee reviewsreceives a variety. It is impossible to say exactly how much this organization is dishonest. Nevertheless, deception on her part is visible. This seriously affects the rating of the organization.

Ltd. of GorPhoto staff reviews

You can find "GorPhoto" in the blacklistsemployers in different cities. Yes, it is now difficult to find a firm in which there are no shortcomings. But you are always able to find a job where there are less cons. GorPhoto is not the best place to work, but it is not as bad as many describe it.