Neodymium magnets reviews
One of the very fashionable treatments todayis the use of magnets. Neodymium magnets, whose reviews are striking in the variety of emotional coloring, are perhaps the most popular means attributed to the ability to heal from the widest range of diseases. What of the stories is true, but what is the conjecture?

What is a neodymium magnet?

This is a rare earth element, which is alwayswas valued in medicine and engineering for very high resistance to demagnetization and the ability to strongly magnetize some materials. For the release of computer hard drives, metal detectors, oil filters have long been used neodymium magnets. The responses of experts confirm their durability and usability. Power engineers use them to build generators. In medicine, with the help of these magnets, apparatuses on which MRI are made operate. By the way, the use of very large NM in these devices helps:

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  • Achieve a uniform and uniform magnetic field without using electricity.
  • Do without the cooling system necessary for the work of electromagnets.

Surgeons also use neodymium magnets. The reviews of these specialists emphasize that it is they that make it possible to reliably clean heavy wounds from iron lumps, metal shavings, etc. Permanent magnets are operated by tonometers and devices that allow glaucoma to be fixed in the early stages.

Compresses, rings, bandages, etc.

Neodymium magnet where used
Recently, the range of application of NMexpands. Unique characteristics allow using them in microsurgery and cardiology, oncology, physiotherapy, dentistry, orthopedics. Become popular bandages, medical earrings and rings, based on neodymium magnets. Reviews of some doctors and patients say that magnetization of a sore spot allows stopping the growth of tumors, improving eyesight, and removing pain. On the basis of NM, American specialists created ultralight pumps for blood vessels, which saved the lives of thousands of patients. The tiny dimensions of the instruments with NM allow operations even for infants. Not very decent people also like a neodymium magnet. Where is this miracle remedy used in everyday life? To stop household electricity meters, for example. But its value, of course, is not the case. NM has a positive effect on biologically active points. It normalizes blood pressure and circulation, helps to activate immunity, speeds up the treatment of inflammation, and serves as an excellent prophylaxis for atherosclerosis.

Neodymium magnet where used

How to properly use a neodymium magnet?

The price of this miracle means in online storesrarely exceeds 2-3 thousand rubles (size 70x50mm). In pharmacies you can find cheaper, although not so large and powerful specimens. They do not require a prescription, so some categories of patients try to treat them themselves. Is it dangerous! Not knowing the power of the magnet, you can cause very severe harm to yourself. Excitation of active points can cause an increase or a critical drop in pressure, tachycardia and other abnormalities. Therefore, you can buy magnets and use them only on the advice of doctors. NM can not be used by pregnant women, people who have had a heart attack, patients with poor blood coagulability. The most effective treatment can be obtained in the physiotherapy room.