Verbal Effects - Effectivean instrument that is necessary in business. Without a properly chosen word, do not succeed. All business activity is based on communication. He who knows how to earn well - has excellent communication skills, the gift of persuasion and reasoning. This can be learned.

The technique of verbal persuasion includesthe following elements - diction, literacy, loudness, control of facial expressions, gestures, correct emphasis, intonation, pauses. A word without action is not able to convince an opponent of 100%. Confirming his words with deed, concrete examples, a person is easier to achieve the goal in relation to partners or competitors.

Often during negotiations, elections, the construction of strategies, games, work in stock markets, for example, such as forex, it is required to use methods of persuasion. Convince means to explain, prove the correctness and necessity of certain actions, behavior, decisions, etc.

Convincing another person is not easy. If the opponent is sure he is right, not used to "give up" and act on it the word will be difficult, will require a clear and structured argument, with which the other side will take the desired position.

Argumentation is the basis of persuasion. There are many tactics, here are the most interesting ones.

Stress relief
For this, a good emotional contact is established with the interlocutor. With the help of a joke, a compliment, a smile. Positive attitude, calm, relaxed atmosphere - the most suitable tools.

The personal approach
Translate a conversation on a pleasant topic, linkthe situation with his own story from life, an anecdotal case, that is, "catch" for a certain, uncritical point - something with which everyone agrees, and build a dialogue, constantly referring to it.

At the beginning of the conversation, the opponent is offered to answer a large number of questions that are related to the content of the problem. Stimulation of the imagination will help to persuade him to the required position.

Immediately tell the interlocutor the essence of the case, do not give him time to think everything over, do not include any introductions, inferences, hints on the situation.

Convincing another person, it is important to remember that the conversation should not go into the category of a dispute. Tact, friendliness, openness, perseverance will help in this.