Collect a good crop of pepper (as well as other vegetable crops) - it's not as easy as it seems at first glance. The process of growing this vegetable includes several basic stages:

1) the correct selection of seeds of the required variety;

2) seedling rearing;

3) providing the necessary conditions for growth and development.

how often to pour pepper

Pepper is an extremely capricious crop, and its watering will become an important feature that will ensure the normal development and growth of the plant.

How often should I water the pepper?

Proper irrigation has three main criteria:

- the norm;

- Timeliness;


how often to pour a bell pepper

The need for moisture varies depending on theage of the given vegetable culture. At the initial stage of growth before the formation of fruits, not much water is needed. Naturally, then this indicator will increase significantly. In this case, watering should be regular, because pepper does not tolerate even the slightest period of drought, otherwise it will lead to the fall of flowers and the reduction of fruits. The risk of diseases also increases.

The same goes for the question of how oftenwater the Bulgarian pepper, and any other variety. Pepper is hygrophilous throughout the whole period of its cultivation. The plant needs moisture from the beginning of the appearance of the first buds to fruit formation, which makes a period of about two months. On how often to water the pepper, depends and its survival rate. That is, if there is a shortage of water, the seedlings will be weakened, growing low, practically with no leaves, and the yields will be low. Fruits can be deformed and susceptible to vertex rot.

The main mistakes of gardeners

Many are confident that peppers, however, likeany other vegetable culture, it takes more moisture in the heat period. This is absolutely wrong, because the droplets of water in this case play the role of a magnifying glass, which leads to burning of the leaves. Such a result can be found after several waterings. It is best to moisturize plants in the morning or in the evening, when the sun is already beginning to set. In this case, the water must be warm. In order for it to always remain the right temperature, it is enough to simply collect it in tanks or other suitable vessels and leave it in the sun. It is undesirable to use a small amount of water to moisten the culture, because it will evaporate even before it reaches the root system.

how often should you water pepper

How often should you water the pepper in the greenhouse?

The procedure should be conducted before lunch, trying not toget on the leaves. The first watering should be performed 4-5 days after planting the seeds. Begin with a small volume, gradually increasing, so that the soil is moistened by 20 centimeters deep. Before the plant blooms, it is watered once in 7 days, with the appearance of fruits - up to 2-3 times. How often to pour pepper in a hot period? The answer is quite simple - it is better to do this as often as possible (observe the time frame specified earlier).

From all of the above, it follows that the amount and quality of the crop in your area directly depend on how often to water the pepper.