The shopping center Edelweiss (Zheleznodorozhny) is located inMoscow Region, in the city of Zheleznodorozhny along Sovetskaya Street, house No. 9. To this complex from Moscow you can go by private transport along the Nosovikhinskoye Highway and drive past Privokzalnaya Square.

If you take the metro, then you need to get off at the metro station "Kurskaya" or "Novokosino". Then you should change seats on one of the minibuses that go to the center.

Description of the complex

The shopping center Edelweiss (Zheleznodorozhny) operates eachfrom ten in the morning to nine in the evening. The complex is the largest shopping center in the city of Zheleznodorozhny. It has six floors with more than seventy shops, a supermarket "Pyaterochka", many cafes and restaurants and, of course, there is a children's play area. In addition, there is a night club in the center. At the center there is a large parking lot, which allows you to accommodate up to half a thousand cars.

edelweiss railway

The shopping center "Edelweiss" in Zheleznodorozhny was built in such a way that the buyer could not get lost and found everything necessary, spending as little time as possible.

On the first floor of the center is a grocery supermarket, where you can always buy quality products at the lowest price.

Also in the same place you can find several stores of cellular communication.

On the second floor are located mostly alonestores expensive brand clothes. Plus here you can have a snack in one of the fast food. There is also a dry cleaning service. In it you can leave your things for cleaning.

On the third floor there is a store of electronic and household appliances "Eldorado".

On the fourth floor you can find many different shops for children. There is also a children's playground.

On the fifth floor you can also find many shops. At the sixth is the night club "Tiron" and many other entertaining establishments.

What are the shops in the Edelweiss (Zheleznodorozhny)?

Here you can find several centerscosmetics. One of the most famous is "L" Etoile. "Here cosmetics of many famous brands will be presented to your attention.In addition, the cosmetics of your own brand" L "ect." Is displayed in the store. Its range is constantly expanding. Only highly qualified specialists work in the store, who annually pass the re-attestation for proficiency. They can help you find the right tool or help you find a new one. Also periodically in the store master classes on applying make-up, using cosmetics for skin care and much more are held. They are conducted by specialists who are known not only in the vastness of our country, but also beyond its borders. Master classes are held completely free of charge for all comers.

Also here you can find the funds of the well-knownbrand "Yves Rocher". This cosmetics differs from others in that it is manufactured exclusively on a plant basis and does not include a single gram of chemical preparations. Thanks to the use of only natural substances in the production, cosmetics practically do not cause allergies. Also, the producers of "Yves Rocher" refused to use forbidden plants and GMOs in their products, which makes it as safe as possible for our skin.

Edelweiss shopping center in the railway

The store "Manicure" presents all kinds of tools for manicure and pedicure. Also here you can do these procedures.

In addition to those listed, in the shopping center "Edelweiss" (Zheleznodorozhny) you can find several other shops dedicated to beauty and health.

In the center there are about four shops, in which you are presented with accessories and leather products. They are located on different floors of the shopping center.

Children's shops of the complex

As it was mentioned above, a lot of shops for kids are on the upper floors. Here, moms will be able to pick up clothes for kids of different ages at an affordable price and quality.

Edelweiss railway shops

In the shop "Merry Idea" are sold goods fororganization of children's parties. These are decorations for the interior, all for serving a festive table. Also here you can find toys, gifts, costumes and much more that will please your baby. The advantage of the store in front of him is that all decorations are designer and made in single copies. Thanks to this you will be able to create an unforgettable and unique holiday for your child.


Of course, in the shopping center "Edelweiss" (Railway)A large selection of branded clothing stores for different categories and ages of people is presented. These include: Colins, Fin Flyer, Oji, Zara, Austin, Palero and many others. In them, even the most picky buyer can choose clothes directly under him.

"Countess cuisine" and "Artist"

Your attention will be presented to furniture stores. For example, "Countess cuisine". It sells kitchen sets equipped with the latest technology.

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Shop "Artist" offers a variety of furniture for your home. Manufacturers constantly follow the novelties in the field of design and try to keep up with the world trends.

"Four paws"

In the shopping center "Edelweiss" (Zheleznodorozhny) you can findpet shop Four Paws. There you can easily find everything you need for your pets. On the territory of the store lives a small number of animals, which the owners once sheltered.

tc edelweiss railway

You can buy them food and feed right here. If you like the fluffy you can take home completely free of charge, but on condition that you are a responsible and decent person who will not throw the crumb back on the street.


And, of course, in the shopping center "Edelweiss" (St. Railway) you can come with the kids. You can safely leave them on the playground while you are shopping. Here, the kids will have fun and informative time with the caregivers who will look after them.

Opinion of visitors to the complex

Reviews about this mall in the mainpositive. Visitors like this complex. But some people notice that there are not many shops here. I would like to have more of them. Often in many stores, as the visitors say, there are various actions, thanks to them you can save a lot.