Variety of strawberry "chamora turusi" is noteworthylarge berries commensurate with average apples, the aroma of forest strawberries and high yields - about 2.5 kg from one bush with proper agrotechnics!

strawberry turkey
For certain it is not known its origin, but there isthe assumption that without Japanese technology it was not done. Although there is an opposite version: this form is amateurish, developed by enthusiasts-strawberries. For the variety other names were also fixed: "Kurusi", "Turush".

This variety is late-ripening. The first crop in the middle zone of Russia ripens by June 20, and in the northern regions by July 25. Fruiting is extended, the maximum yield is collected for the 2nd year of cultivation. Admire what a beauty is - a strawberry "chamora turusi"! The photos show it so that saliva begins to collect in the mouth. In addition to the delicious appearance, this variety is distinguished and of such quality as excellent transportability.

The berries are round-conical in form,folded-comb. The weight of each of them is from 80 to 130 g, depending on the growing conditions. When fully ripe, they become dark red and acquire the smell of wild strawberry. The most fragrant berries in August.

Strawberry bushes "chamora turusi" forms powerful. They are genetically inherent in intensive growth. Planted in the spring, they are already in two months are able to appear in all its glory. But it is undesirable to allow fruit bearing in this year, since the root system

strawberry strawberry flavor
is not yet fully formed. Remove peduncles in this period is very difficult. For the sake of experiment, you can do this on a part of the planted bushes, the next year the difference will be obvious.

If behind the bushes of this miracle-berries do not careproperly, but only planted in fertile soil and watered, then the berries will weigh only about 25 g. In order to achieve maximum performance, you will have to work hard. The most difficult thing is to find a quality planting material, grown from the first rosettes on the mustache. Transplant strawberries preferably without exposing the root system to minimize the survival period. Thickening planting is impossible. The optimal scheme is 40 x 60 cm.

Seeds for planting should be prepared in advance, introducing organic and mineral fertilizers. It is advisable to make skirts around the garden 25 cm high (to facilitate shelter at the beginning of the growing season).

Since strawberry "chamora turusi" is differenta powerful root system, fertilizing with high nitrogen content should not be used, otherwise the fruiting will be suppressed by the growth of green mass. But phosphorus-potash sprinkling on the leaves is just necessary.

strawberry chamor turusi photo
It is worth mentioning about the problems of growing such aculture, like a strawberry "chamora turussi". Unfortunately, this variety is not very resistant to fungal diseases, such as brown patchiness and gray mold. She needs preventive treatment with appropriate drugs. However, with full replacement of planting material after 1-2 years, you can do without them.

Requirements for watering are high, with their lackberries are small, cavities are formed inside, appearance deteriorates, but the taste of this only wins - it becomes more sweet. Overabundance of the same moisture adversely affects the taste and transportability. Summer heat in southern regions of Russia strawberry "Chamor" is bad, it must be pritenyat. It is desirable to provide drip irrigation.

Summing up, let's say that the strawberry "chamorasturusi "- an amazing grade! Reviews about him can be diametrically opposed. If there is an opportunity to acquire at least a few high-quality bushes (of course, if the supplier guarantees that this is the grade of "chamor"), it must be used at least to surprise and please loved ones.