The technical department providescontinuous operation of all necessary structures in production. The special provision includes the main activities, functions, rights, tasks and objectives of this unit.

The department of technical control is engaged inpurpose and fundamentals of the organization. This is an independent structural unit, subordinate to the head or the person who replaces it. In this structure there is a planning of production and management of all work in the enterprise.

The main activity of VET is inaccording to the legislation, is fixed by normative and legal acts. Also one of the main criteria for the management of this department are materials on the method of management. The production and technical department deals with the organization and order documents, which is fixed in the current position of each enterprise.

According to the order signed by the headan organization that must comply with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, appoints chiefs and other employees to certain posts or by the same order release them from their positions in the production department, whose functions are always under the control of the administration of the VET. All the documentation on this issue is included in the list of basic.

The technical control department carries out itswork according to the perspective-current planning for a certain period and combines the coordinated measures in solving service issues, discuss them collegially, bears personal responsibility for the timely performance of their functional duties by the employees and controls the execution of instructions given by the head of the department.

There are special job descriptions,which are approved by the head of each organization. They regulate the requirements for qualifications, duties and functions, the rights of employees of the enterprise.

VET should be headed by the chief. The person appointed to this position is required to have a higher education (professional). It can be technical, engineering or engineering-economic. It also requires working experience in operational management at specific positions - management or engineering. The minimum required length of service must be at least 5 years.

The head passes preliminary testing inProduction Department. The functions of his work are as follows. The chief should bear personal responsibility for the timely and qualitative solution of the tasks assigned to him, and with a certain sense of duty to lead the work of all the structures of the VET.

The Production and Technical Department is headed bythe manager performing the function of management, which includes the creation of planning, the correct organization of the work of production, control over the performance of employees of their functional duties, decision-making and their implementation. The chief of the VET personally oversees the distribution of assignments of employees of his department, and also invites the head of the enterprise to make changes to the work, if it is required to adjust the instructions when executing the duties of the employees.

At the time when the chief is absent from thefor some reason, the deputy performs his functions in management activities. In other cases, upon the order of the head of the enterprise, any other responsible employee who has the right to sign the documents falling within the competence of his or her position may be appointed to the position of chief in the production and technical department. The timetable for the work of the VET, the structure and the current position must necessarily be approved by the head of the enterprise.