Today we have to understand which "Euroservice"employee feedback receives. What kind of company is this? What services does it provide? To understand all this is really helped by the numerous opinions of workers. Only they are able to indicate the pros and cons of the employer, of which no one else will report. So, why pay attention to those who are interested in Euroservice?


To begin with, it is worthwhile to understand which company is goingspeech. What is the main activity of the organization under the name "Euroservice"? Repair of office equipment! Staff feedback indicates that the company is engaged in the repair of a variety of devices. In particular, mobile phones and tablets.

euroservice employee feedback

We can say that "Euroservice" isa kind of universal service center. It allows you to repair a variety of office equipment. What do subordinates think about this employer? How conscientious is he?

Training is our all

LLC "Euroservice" reviews employees receivesvarious. Another service that is provided in this service is training employees to repair certain devices. Simply put, the firm first trains citizens, and then hires them to work.

The learning process receives mixed reviews. Some say that during the training it is really possible to learn something new. Something that is useful in the service center. Organization of classes pleases. I want to work with Euroservice.

But many are repelled by the fact that training infirm - on a fee basis. Some employees say that Euroservice LLC is ready to conduct a probationary training for a certain amount of money and only after that hire it for work. In fact, the applicant must pay for employment in the company. Paid training in the basics of the work is what Euroservice takes for feedback from employees of the negative plan.

ooo euroservice employee feedback

Free internship also takes place. Only get on it is difficult. Many candidates are denied. We have to go to paid training. The cost of the process is not too high, but every applicant must know about what needs to be paid.


But there is one more nuance. "Euroservice" is not the best opinion of subordinates earns not only for training, but also for the rights to provide this or that knowledge.

Many people emphasize that the organization does not haveno license for training. That is, the firm does not quite legally require money from future subordinates. Therefore, many are skeptical about employment in Euroservice. Staff feedback indicates that the organization actually hires staff after paid training, but not all students. Some refuse further cooperation.

About design

"Euroservice" offers all its subordinatesfully official employment. For this feature, "Euroservice" reviews employees positive. But at the same time, some nuances and shortcomings of the employer are still underlined.

euroservice repair employee feedback

For example, a subordinate contract will be concluded, not a labor agreement. Therefore, the employment in the organization is official, but not at all, as promised at the very beginning of training.

Interviewing and hiring

It is clear that the ambiguous receives the "Euroservice" reviews of employees. Moscow is a city of possibilities. This is where the studied corporation is located. What else does the workers say about it?

"Euroservice" interviews in the usualneat and bright office. But, according to numerous opinions, job seekers can initially refuse employment. And at the same time offer to be trained in the company. After this step, the place in Euroservice is almost 100% guaranteed.

A similar situation for some applicantsalarming. As already mentioned, it seems that workers pay their employment. These are not the most honest actions. They are not confirmed by anything, but similar opinions are widely spread.


About the schedule of work in "Euroservice" people respondis ambiguous. Some say that the company offers a flexible schedule, it is required to work strictly according to the conditions and conditions stipulated in the contract. But most often, "Euroservice" reviews employees do not earn the best for this feature.

euroservice reviews of employees moscow

Why? All this is due to the fact that the employees emphasize not only hard work, but also the need to be in the workplace all day. Work in "Euroservice" will have a lot, hard and long. Some indicate that it is often necessary to stay overtime. And without additional payment for labor.


"Euroservice" feedback from employees of the negative planreceives for earnings. Most employees remain unhappy with their profits in the organization. Initially, everyone is promised a decent salary. But in practice, "Euroservice" everything turns out a little differently.

Earnings will depend on the number ofservices. The salary of "Euroservice" is small, the percentage of the work done does not allow you to receive as much as the employer promises initially. Therefore, it can not be said that this company is a place of good earnings.


The main activity of the organization isthe name "Euroservice" - repair. Feedback from employees of a positive type can be found for the work team. Many say that most of the colleagues are friendly, open and sympathetic people. It's nice to communicate with them.

Sometimes there are not the most friendly people. Nobody is insured from such colleagues. But there are no complaints about the working team at Euroservice. This company is an excellent employer for those who need communication.

euroservice repair of office equipment

About the chiefs

"Euroservice" receives many negative reviews fortheir leadership. The leaders of the organization are spoken of as bosses who unfairly treat subordinates. Agree on something does not work, employees will load responsibilities and constantly punish.

It is because of the numerous negative,expressed in the address of managers, "Euroservice" falls into the blacklists of employers. To be afraid of this phenomenon is not worth it. But to take into account the possible presence of not the best leaders is also necessary.