If you believe the experts, the construction of a car washis a very profitable business. The profitability of this business is 30-40%. On average, the payback is 1-1.5 years. As for more expensive sinks, their payback period is 2-3 years.

Selecting the location of the car wash

The payback and profitability of such a service will beentirely depend on the location of the building. It is best to choose the prestigious areas near the roadway. After all, secured customers will rather use this service.

Access roads to the car wash should be free and convenient. Under this business it is possible to re-equip the finished premises, but the best option is the construction of a car wash. The price will not be much higher.

In the room you need to think about the location of the ticket office, provide a warehouse for materials, water treatment facilities.

permission to build a car wash

What is necessary to open an enterprise?

First of all, you need to get permission to build a car wash. To do this, an application is made for the allocation of land for construction in the city administration.

Before this you need:

  • prepare a sketch of the building project;
  • coordinate with the sanitary and epidemiological station, fire inspection, municipal architects.

construction of car wash

After that, you need to write an official letter withrequest permission to build a car wash in the name of the mayor of the city and attach to it all the agreed documents mentioned above. The response letter will be given permission to design. After this, the development of the project begins. The latter undergoes expertise in the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, the labor protection service, the fire department, the architect, the environmental protection service, and the state expertise.

After receiving the approval of the project, it is necessary to draw up an act for temporary or permanent possession of land and receive a warrant for the construction of a car wash.

The first stage of construction. Choosing a site for a car wash

As already mentioned, you need to choose the right onesite for location - this will be the key to its success. So, all the permits are in your hands, the estimate for the construction of a car wash has been drawn up, a sketch has been made, so you can proceed with the main thing - the development of the project.

The second stage of construction. Project development

Next, the project development process foryour car wash. In the process of drafting a technical assignment, the material for building a building is selected. An excellent alternative to the traditional methods of building a car service is fast-erected metal frame with enclosing structures of sandwich panels.

Depending on what you have means, you can choose a modern version with various additional services, as well as budget or standard.

The prepared project for the construction of a car wash requires, as already mentioned, agreement and permission. But before creating a project, you need to determine the type of car wash:

  • Contact. In such car washes, water is supplied from devices with high pressure, after which the dirt is wiped off by applying a special shampoo on the car. This is the cheapest type of car wash.
  • Non-contact. Here, water is supplied in the same way as in the previous one, but the dirt is scraped off by applying chemical agents that corrode it (no rubbing is necessary).
  • Automatic. The car rides into the arch, which moves along the car and washes it. This type of washing involves the use of special brushes for rubbing dirt or high water pressure.
  • Tunneling. The car drives into the conveyor (moving device), which carries it through various arches and other functional devices that carry out rubbing dirt, applying shampoo, etc. The length of such a tunnel depends on the number of devices.
    estimate for the construction of car wash

After the design of a car wash is made, it is necessary to be defined with a choice of a building material. It is worth giving preference to durable finishing materials.

The last stage of construction is the purchase and installation of equipment for washing.

Equipment for car wash

Undoubtedly, before opening the car wash, you needbuy equipment. The main suppliers are Italy, Germany and Spain. In the market you can find such washes as Weidner, Kranzle, Karcher, Istobal, Californial Kleindiest, Ceccato, Carebridge, Comet.

In addition, you will need to install andcleaning systems for your car wash. Input filters for water purification are the main component of the construction kit. It will also be necessary to install and purifiers of water, which goes into the drain, to clean it from the suspension of fats, oil products and other dirt.

Draw up a business plan

 car wash construction price

1. Analyzing the advantages. As now in the cities of Russia begana real car boom, and the weather is changing, that is, a certain demand for car wash services. In addition, in many cities there is still a weak competition in this segment.

2. Analysis of shortcomings. Such a project will require considerable investment instart, because you need to buy expensive equipment, especially for tunnel washing. Maybe even have to make out a loan. Permanent maintenance is required due to humidity.

3. Risks. The administrative resource will easily close the car wash, for example, if the standards of the sanitary and epidemiological station are not complied with or if there is a threat of ecology.

4. Profitability. As already mentioned, experts say that a car wash is a very profitable business, where the profitability is 30-40%.

5. Business plan. It is necessary to calculate very carefully on the basis ofThe business plan for your future car wash is all income, expenses, payback and profitability. Determine for yourself the possible development prospects. The main sections of such a plan will be:

  • strategy;
  • car wash market;
  • business;
  • features of marketing.

The estimated part of your business plan will largely depend on the future location of the car wash. It includes costs:

  • on the site;
  • execution of documents;
  • building;
  • Consumables;
  • equipment;
  • repairs;
  • operation.

Before you open a car wash, you need to think through every detail!