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Polonsky Sergey Yurievich, whose biographywill be considered in this article, was born in Leningrad on December 1, 1972. After school I served two years in the airborne forces, where I met my future partner Arthur Kirilenko. The first steps in business were not easy for them. I had to sell ice cream, collect cherries, sell Herbalife, fish, sweeteners, etc. Soon they became interested in the construction business. To understand the subject, Sergei Polonsky, whose biography is interesting to many readers, enrolled with Kirilenko at the correspondence department of the architectural university. In 1994 they opened the firm "Stroymontage" and a year later earned the first million. After graduating from the university in 2000, Sergei continued his studies, taking up his dissertation. Two years later he successfully defended it. In 2008, Polonsky made an attempt to protect the doctor's, but, having considered the academic council biased, withdrew the work and laid out the dissertation for an open discussion on the Internet.

Personal life

biography of Polonsky sergei

Biography of Polonsky Sergey is also ambiguous,as his actions and statements. Quite well-known phrase at the real estate exhibition in Cannes, to which he greeted the guests: "Who does not have a billion, can go in. ..". The ratio of a billionaire to family life is also radical. According to close friends, he always found it difficult to get along with women, because he thinks only of himself. In 2007, Polonsky's only marriage ended in divorce. Under the terms of the marriage contract, Natalia and Sergei retained their own property. "Mirax" went to the billionaire, and the ex-spouse remained the owner of "Stroykonsaltgrup". That's just with alimony problems arose. According to Sergey Polonsky's biography on one of the trusted sites, his official income is 300 thousand rubles. Although in 2008, his fortune was estimated by Forbes magazine at $ 1.2 billion.

Professional activity

sergei polonsky biography

In terms of professional activities, biographyPolonsky Sergey is filled with a series of ups and downs. Take-off can be considered the beginning of the 2000s, when the company's billionaire entrusted the construction of several residential complexes: "Crown", "House on Taganka", "Kutuzovskaya Riviera", "Golden Keys-2". One of the most ambitious projects was the Federation Tower, which was to become the tallest building in Europe. But soon the credibility of Polonsky's company began to fall, as all the facilities were built on borrowed funds, which, naturally, promised Mirax financial problems in the future. The fall began in 2007, when due to debts Sergei had to sell his company for only $ 8 million. In 2009-2010, he lost several major projects. His debts were redeemed by banks, and property was arrested. In March 2011, the ex-billionaire announced to journalists about the liquidation of Mirax and asked not to consider him a businessman. In 2013, law enforcement authorities found a large theft (5.7 billion dollars) for the project "Kutuzov Mile", when Polonsky became the main person involved in the fraud case and hastily left the country. Currently, he is hiding in Israel, who does not extradite his citizens. Here, on such a sad note, the biography of Sergei Polonsky ends. Although it can hardly be called sad for a former businessman. Badly this story ended only for thousands of deceived them equity holders.